Saturday, May 8, 2021

BEAT ME , EAT ME ! ( kalamazoo 1986.19.05)

Format : 2 CDR. 16 tracks ~ 96 min
Label : hard road hr-r03013/14
Disc 1: 44.33
01. Rats in the cellar
02. Same old song and dance
03. Big ten inch record
04. my fist four face
05. last child
06. she’ s on fire
07. walkin’ the dog
08. sweet emotion
09. red house
Disc 2: 52.03
01. shela
02. walk this way
03. let the music do the talking
04. joey kramer drum solo
05. toys in the attic
06. Dream on
07. Train kept a rollin
   Recorded live :
At the wings stadium.
May 19th 1986
Comments :
Complete live show
Soundboard recording
Aerosmith playing on the
"Done With Mirrors" tour. This is
the mono soundtrack of a rare video.
The sound is from the soundboard,
but its totally distorted on the first track,
and for about a minute on the second
before someone adjusts the sounds.
Fun show, Tyler is a great mood,
I think he likes saying "Kalamazoo!"
and at one point its "Kalamafuckinzoo!"
Not perfect sound here, but overall
pretty darn good and the really the only
board material from this tour that circulates
aside from the Worcerster in March of that
year and tour rehearsals from Seattle.


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