Thursday, April 28, 2011

JONES BEACH THEATER (wantagh 2009)


Format: 2 CDR,  18tracks, ~ 87min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 530.01/02

Disc1 : 45.39
01 Train Kept A Rollin'
02 Cryin'
03 Love In An Elevator
04 Walkin' The Dog
05 Dream On
06 Combination
07 Toys In The Attic
08 Uncle Salty
09 Adam's Apple
10 Walk This Way

Disc 2 : 41.32
11 Big Ten Inch Record
12 Sweet Emotion
13 No More No More
14 Round And Round
15 You See Me Crying
16 Draw The Line
17 Joe Perry Guitar Battle
18 Come Together

Recorded at:
Nikon At Jones Beach Theater
Wantagh, NY .usa.june 26th.2009

Good audience recording

Thursday, April 21, 2011

PLAYS RED HOUSE (tokyo 1994.05.16)

Format: 2 CDR, 21 tracks, ~ 115min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 998.01/02

Disc1 :
Eat the rich
Train kept a rollin'
Rag doll
Same old song and dance
Mama kin
Lord of the thighs
Joe Perry solo
Draw the line

Disc 2 :
Red house
Bright light fright
Shut up and dance
Love in an elevator
Dude (looks like a lady)
Sweet emotion
Dazed and confused / Peter Gunn theme
Dream on
Livin' on the edge
Walk this way  

Recorded at:
Nihon Budokan Hall,Tokyo, Japan, 16 May 1994

Audience recording. They play a little bit of Movin' out during Draw the line.
6th concert out of 7 in a row at the Budokan, on Get a Grip Tour !
Often referred to as "Plays Lead House", maybe because of a Japanese pronounciation of "red" ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MINE LIVES ALBANY (albany 1998)


Format: 2 CDR,  21tracks, ~ 117min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 252.01/02

Disc1 : 53.04
01.  Nine Lives
02.  Love In An Elevator
03.  Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
04.  Monkey On My Back
05.  Hole In My Soul
06.  Livin' On The Edge
07.  Taste Of India
08.  Janie's Got A Gun
09.  Rag Doll
10.  Pink
11.  Draw The Line
12.  Stop Messin' Around

Disc 2 : 66.22
01.  Last Child
02.  Kiss Your Past Goodbye
03.  Back In The Saddle
04.  Dream On
05.  Cryin'
06.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
07.  Walk This Way
08.  What It Takes
09.  Sweet Emotion

Recorded at:
The pepsi arena . albany .ny

Soundchecked with: "Chip Away The Stone", "Make It" and "Kiss Your Past Goodbye".
The first two songs were played a few days later at the short set at Mama Kins ( 16th Jan ).
Audience recording from the video tapes

LIVE ON DOWN (albany 1994)


Format: 2 CDR,  20tracks, ~ 110min
Label: Zone 51 Prod  253.01/02

Disc1 : 54.55
01. Eat The Rich
02. Toys In The Attic
03. Rag Doll
04. Seasons of Wither
05. Fever
06. Crazy
07. Cryin'
08. Let The Music Do The Talking
09. Chip Away The Stone
10. Mama Kin
11. Janie's Got A Gun

Disc 2 : 56.09
01. Stop Messin' Around
02. Walk On Down
03. Love In An Elevator
04. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
05. Sweet Emotion
06. Dream On
07. Livin' On The Edge
08. Mother Popcorn
09. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
The knickbocker .albany.ny
18 decembre 1994

Audience recording from the video tapes

Monday, April 11, 2011


Format: 2 CDR, 18 tracks, ~ 93min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 803.01/02

Disc1 : 51.41
01 Nine Lives
02 Love In An Elevetor
03 Fallin' In Love (Is Hard On My Knees)
04 Hole In My Soul
05 Toys In The Attic
06 Livin' On The Edge
07 Pink
08 Rag Doll
09 Taste Of India
10 Janie's Got A Gun
11 Something's Gotta Give
12 Dream On
13 Cryin'

Disc 2 : 41.11
14 Sweet Emotion
15 Mama Kin
16 Fallin' Off
17 Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
18 Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Forum Di Assago, Milano, Italy

Same setlist as previous show.Good audience

NINE LIVE IN TOKYO (1998.03.09)

Format: 2 CDR, 25 tracks, ~ 132min
Label: Zone 51 Prod  635.01/02

Disc1 : 65.54
01 Intro
02 Nine Lives
03 Love In An Elevator
04 Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
05 Hole In My Soul
06 Livin' On The Edge
07 Taste Of India
08 Janie's Got A Gun
09 Rag Doll
10 Pink
11 Last Child
12 Bacon Biscuit Blues / Draw The Line
13 Falling Off

Disc 2 : 67.03
01 Stop Messin' Around
02 Kiss Your Past Goodbye
03 sick as a dog
04 Walk This Way
05 Nobody's Fault
06 Dream On
07 Cryin'
08 Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
09 full circle
10 What It Takes
11 Sweet Emotion
12 Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
The Tokyo Dome Tokyo, Japan
march 09th.1998

Good audience recording.
Second consecutive night playing in Tokyo.
Four set changes with "Toys In The Attic" and "Last Child" finally introduced into the Japanese set.
First this tour of "Toys In The Attic" closing out the set  (the fourth different number that has closed out the set this tour).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GOT A GREEN LIGHT (osaka 2004)


Format: 2 CDR,  22tracks, ~ 120min
Label: SYLPH 0620

Disc1 : 58.41
01.  Mama Kin
02.  Toys In The Attic
03.  Love In An Elevator
04.  Roadrunner
05.  The Grind
06.  Cryin'
07.  Jaded
08.  Ratttlesnake Shake
09.  Back Back Train
10.  Stop Messin' Round
11.  S.O.S. (Too Bad)

Disc 2 : 62.04
01.  One Way Street / Movin' Out
02.  Walkin' The Dog
03.  Dream On
04.  Draw The Line
05.  Baby Please Don't Go
06.  Mother Popcorn
07.  Walk This Way
08.  Uncle Salty / Sweet Emotion
09.  Livin' On The Edge
10.  Train Kept A Rollin'  

Recorded at:
The Rock Odyssey 2004 Festival,
Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan July 25th, 2004

Second rock festival date in 24 hours and second performance at Osaka Dome this tour. Seventh concert at the Osaka Done in 6 years.
Fourth different opener of the tour with "Mama Kin" opening set as it did on their first tour of Japan in 1977.
"The Grind" gets it's second play of the tour (both in Japan) replacing "The Other Side".
First play this tour in Japan of "S.O.S. (Too Bad)" and only second play this tour. This track hasn't been played in it's entirety in Japan since the Rocks tours (1977).
First tour play of "Rattlesnake Shake" (last played December 19, 2002). The track was last played in Japan on the "Get A Grip" tour (1994).
First play this tour in Japan of "Walkin' The Dog" . Hasn't been played in Japan since the "Get A Grip" tour 1994.First ever play in Japan of "Movin' Out" and first play this tour. With the reintroduction of "Walkin' The Dog", five tracks are in the set from the first album (including the partial play of "One Way Street").
Good audience recording.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

CENTRAL PARK '75 MASTER (new york 1975)


Format: 1CD, 15 tracks, ~60 min
Label: not a label

01.  Introduction
02.  Walking the dog
03.  S.O.S (Too Bad)
04.  Somebody
05.  Big Ten Inch Record
06.  Sweet Emotion
07.  Dream On
08.  Write Me
09.  Walk This Way
10.  No More No More
11.  Same Old Song And Dance
12.  Train Kept A Rollin’ (slow)
13.  Drum Solo
14.  Train Kept A Rollin’ (fast)
15.  Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
Shaeffer Music Festival, Central Park NY,
August 29, 1975.

Excellent FM Broadcast. There are various CDcompilations of this concert but this is the only
one to carry the complete show. It has anexcellent raw sound with numbers from theirnew Toys in the Attic album.This is simply one of those shows thatanswer's the question "why do I loveAerosmith?"......kickass rock and rollplayed with wild abandon and with afierce edge to it, all the time deliveringit right on the money!!!!With the release of 1975's Toys in theAttic, 'Smith had upped the ante byintroducing a dreamy, Beatle-esquewhimsy into their hard rock-solid sound. The result was perhaps thefinest studio accomplishment of their entire career and included the funkyTop Ten hit "Walk This Way," as well as bassist Tom Hamilton's crowning achievement, the intro to "Sweet Emotion."Due to the excessive consumption of whatever came their way off-stage, the band's reputation for erratic performances grew steadily throughout the '70s, though none of that is evident in this Central Park set. Steven Tyler's unique talent for thinly veiled sexual innuendo is on full display during opener medley "Walking the Dog / S.O.S. / Somebody" in which Perry and Whitford's one-two guitar punch propels "Somebody." Up next is "Big Ten Inch" before the mandatory "Sweet Emotion" and then the Bic-flicker opus "Dream On." They end the hour-long set with "Toys In The Attic."