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BUFFALO STRIKES ( buffalo 1987)

Format : 1 CDR. 18 tracks ~ 80 min
Label : Zone51prod record 452.01
Disc 1 
01. pre-gig radio report
02. intro
03. Toys in the Attic
04. Same Old Song and Dance
05. Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
06. Big Ten Inch Record
07. rats in the cellar
08. Last Child
09. lightning strikes
10. rag doll
01. Dream On
02. walking the dog
03. Kramer drums solo
04. girls keeps coming apart
05. dude (look likes a lady)
06. sweet emotion
07. let the music do the talking
Train Kept A-Rollin'
Recorded live :
At the memorial auditorium
October 17th.1987
Comments :
Audience recording
Buffalo was the second night of the tour
as the band launches Aero 2.0. 
A pre-show radio report kicks off the
upload, setting the scene for the show. 
The taper made a nice recording, ruined
only by a woman nearby who feel the
need to scream now and then.  Tyler has
a throat issue this night (he tells the
crowd...while his voice sounds fine,
the show is on the short side and
"Walk This Way" is not played.  The band's new tunes on this night are played differently than they would be later as the band works out its arrangements on stage.  Interesting show in that in may ways it's a whole new band that is taking the stage.
Remaster notes: I was at this show, so I was happy to find a decent quality recording of it.  There was a low hum on the tape that I attenuated with noise reduction, and I EQd it to try to get rid of the big boomy sound of The Aud.  A small patch was made to give Walkin' the Dog a more distinct beginning, as the start had been clipped by the tape flip.  The encore break was also skipped by the taper, so the final song has been joined to the main set.
Also, kudos to the taper.  I love it when someone manages to get the radio ad or pre-show on tape to go with the bootleg.  Thanks, guys.



Format : 2 CDR. 23 tracks ~ 114 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 039.01/02
Disc 1 : 51.38
01. intro
02. draw the line
03. love in an elevator
04. same old song and dance
05. livin’on the edge
06. jaded
07. oh yeah!
08. last child
09. drums solo
10. rag doll
11. peter gun theme
12. boogie man
13. conbination
Disc 2 : 57.04
01. what it takes
02. rats n the cellar
03. legendary child
04. sos (too bad)
05. sweet emotion
06. walk this way
07. dream on
08. train kept a rollin’
09. woman of the world
10. chip away the stone
Recorded live :
At the philips arena
July 26th.2012
Comments :
Audience recording



Format : 2 CDR. 24 tracks ~ 117 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 067.01/02
Disc 1 : 60.30
01. draw the line
02. love in an elevator
03. back in the saddle
04. livin’on the edge
05. cryin’
06. lord of the thighs
07. oh yeah!
08. brad witford solo
09. last child
10. drums solo
11. rag doll
peter gun theme
Disc 2 : 56.24
01. boogie man
02. combination
03. steven and russ jam
04. what it takes
05. legendary child
06. no more no more
07. sweet emotion
08. walk this way
09. encore
10. dream on
11. train kept a roliin’
mama kin
Recorded live :
At the td garden
July 19th.2012
Comments :
Audience recording


SUMMER IN VACATION ( mears 1988)

Format : 1 CDR. 18 tracks ~ 78 min
Label : Zone51prod record 424.01
Disc 1 
01. rats in the cellar
02. same old song and dance
03. bone to bone
04. rag doll
05. hangman jury
06. permanent vacation
07. back in the saddle
08. last child
09. get the lead out
10. joe perry guitar solo
11. draw the line
12. walking the dog
13. dream on
14. sweet emotion
15. peter gun theme
16. walk this way
17. i ‘m down
18. dude(look likes a lady)
Recorded live :
At the val du lake amphitheater
Mears .MI.USA
July 30th.1988
Comments :
Audience recording