Monday, February 29, 2016

THE GARDEN PARTY (boston 1989)

Format : 2 CDR. 24 tracks ~ 114 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 403.01/02

Disc 1: 53.42
01.  Intro
02.  Heart's Done Time
03.  Same Old Song And Dance
04.  Magic Touch
05.  F.I.N.E.
06.  Monkey On My Back
07.  Angel
08.  Permanent Vacation
09.  Janie's Got A Gun
10.  Mama Kin
11.  Chip Away The Stone
12.  Seasons Of Wither

Disc 2 : 59.56
01.  Hangman Jury
02.  Voodoo Medicine Man
03.  Red House
04.  New Years
05.  Rag Doll
06.  Draw The Line
07.  Dream On
08.  Love In An Elevator
09.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
10.  Sweet Emotion
11.  Train Kept A Rollin'
12.  Walk This Way

Recorded live :
The Boston Garden
Boston, Massachusetts
December. 31th, 1989
Comments :
Audience recording
Aero's last show of the 1980s! What a crazy decade for the band, but they were quite busy actually as the band went from a Tyler/Hamilton/Kramer/Whitford/Crespo lineup to Tyler/Hamilton/Kramer/Crespo/Dufay then finally back to Tyler/Hamilton/Kramer/Perry/Whitford and they cranked out four albums in the process. How many big bands make 4 albums in a decade these days? Not a bad show here, but the slickness is creeping in. For me hard to stomach "Love In An Elevator" and "Dude" back to back. Yet some of the newer stuff, for that time, "Hangman Jury" and " F.I.N.E. " are good. "Red House" is truncated here as Perry whips through a short version in time for the New Year's countdown. You get the answer to a trivia question here: "What was the first tune Aerosmith played in the 1990s."  Taper seems to be in a good spot, but has a "sticky" deck that limits the quality and spectrum of the sound, but not bad overall.

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