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Format : 1 CDR. 8 tracks ~ 37 min
Label : Zodiac record 079

Disc 1
01. Nobody’s Fault
02. Rats In The Cellar
03. Home Tonight
04. Last Child
05. Back In The Saddle
06. Combination
07. Get The Lead Out
08. Lick And A Promise

Recorded live :
Wherehouse, Waltham, Mass
The Record Plant, NYC
Feb-March 1976

Comments :
Audience recording
World’s first appearance sound board sound source is once again emerged from ZODIAC label! Completely unreleased studio sessions Tracks of the highest masterpiece album “ROCKS” to the maximum of hits for Aerosmith in the 1970s. Its contents are the eight songs of the album, except for Sick As A Dog, is what the band is playing session with vocal without Steven Tyler. And twice I was surprised because the sound quality is official-class stereo sound board! Of complete brink of music, good meaning in rough playing (Home Tonight except guitar solo does not contain), and exerts complete all the songs from the intro to last (with fade-out part), rough vocals without also I enjoy as a mix version. Of course, because the over-dubbing, such as official final version has not been applied at all, the taste of last band sound itself. This irresistible anyway. I can listen also little conversation and before the start of the human voice count in between songs.

Now let’s listen to each song.

1. Nobody’s Fault
 And omitted the intro, playing from Vu~aka Rupert. Obbligato, but there is a difference of official and at the timing of the break, the song itself has been completed. Maximum of listening is far from guitar solo / fade-out at the Official, but in this take is it is possible to hear your own finale arrangements.

2. Rats In The Cellar
 Please impressed with the intro of the first count. Performance itself has been completed, but the attention point is the No. 2 is playing riff 2 times longer. Further break before the ending is long, has also been recorded for about 30 seconds ending after the break.

3. Home Tonight
 Please to startle at twice the length of the prelude to the official count from the opening. And the biggest listening far from the another version guitar solo! Not more guitar solo is recorded, but recorded ending long.

4. Last Child
 A melody of the scale of length, and prior to deployment to entering the guitar solo, a very different arrangement and recording. Also ending has been recorded in a long while more fade-out is the same.

5. Back In The Saddle
 Please impressed by the count and conversation of intro first. 4 piece playing, you have tight playing unfolded quite different impression with a variety of over-dubbed official. In the version often demo track of long, this track is ending has also been recorded short, as basic to this basic version, is allowed to imagine the process of various gimmicks and arrangements were added official track is completed the track is me.
 6. Combination
 Arrangement does not change, but the ending has been recorded about 30 seconds longer.

7. Get The Lead Out
 First, the length of the intro riff is different. And arrangements, that are taking the A melody in long, ending has been recorded short, but I can listen to the arrangements such as the number of pre-deployment riff is different.

8. Lick And A Promise
 The recorded drum intro that are not fade-in. Ending it is recorded in long, but has been fading out, the riff of Train Kept A Rollin ‘does not contain at this stage.

Thus although the arrangement of the outline has been completed and …, the stage that said that will Nitsumeyo further details from here, ROUGH & RAW a studio performances take by four members. Is a very important take also as a history of the band, it is a large masterpiece title without a doubt become one of the best this year as well as Hard Rock boot leg.

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