Saturday, April 2, 2011

CENTRAL PARK '75 MASTER (new york 1975)


Format: 1CD, 15 tracks, ~60 min
Label: not a label

01.  Introduction
02.  Walking the dog
03.  S.O.S (Too Bad)
04.  Somebody
05.  Big Ten Inch Record
06.  Sweet Emotion
07.  Dream On
08.  Write Me
09.  Walk This Way
10.  No More No More
11.  Same Old Song And Dance
12.  Train Kept A Rollin’ (slow)
13.  Drum Solo
14.  Train Kept A Rollin’ (fast)
15.  Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
Shaeffer Music Festival, Central Park NY,
August 29, 1975.

Excellent FM Broadcast. There are various CDcompilations of this concert but this is the only
one to carry the complete show. It has anexcellent raw sound with numbers from theirnew Toys in the Attic album.This is simply one of those shows thatanswer's the question "why do I loveAerosmith?"......kickass rock and rollplayed with wild abandon and with afierce edge to it, all the time deliveringit right on the money!!!!With the release of 1975's Toys in theAttic, 'Smith had upped the ante byintroducing a dreamy, Beatle-esquewhimsy into their hard rock-solid sound. The result was perhaps thefinest studio accomplishment of their entire career and included the funkyTop Ten hit "Walk This Way," as well as bassist Tom Hamilton's crowning achievement, the intro to "Sweet Emotion."Due to the excessive consumption of whatever came their way off-stage, the band's reputation for erratic performances grew steadily throughout the '70s, though none of that is evident in this Central Park set. Steven Tyler's unique talent for thinly veiled sexual innuendo is on full display during opener medley "Walking the Dog / S.O.S. / Somebody" in which Perry and Whitford's one-two guitar punch propels "Somebody." Up next is "Big Ten Inch" before the mandatory "Sweet Emotion" and then the Bic-flicker opus "Dream On." They end the hour-long set with "Toys In The Attic."

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