Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SCREAM FOR MORE (arnhem 2010)


Format: 2 CDR,  18 tracks, ~ 105min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 212.01/02

Disc1 : 50.16
01 Intro
02 Love In An Elevator
03 Back In The Saddle
04 Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
05 Eat The Rich
06 Pink
07 Livin' On The Edge
08 What It Takes
09 Rag Doll
10 Cryin'

Disc 2 : 55.16
01 Mama Kin
02 Stop Messin' Around 
03 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
04 Sweet Emotion
05 Baby Please Don't Go
06 Draw The Line
07 Encore break
08 Dream On
09 Walk This Way
10 Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
the Gelredome Arnhem, Netherlands
June 23th. 2010

Good audience recording

DETROIT NEXT EXIT ( detroit 2006)


Format: 2 CDR,  23 tracks, ~ 106 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 901.01/02

Disc1 : 46.44
01) intro
02) toys in the attic
03) walkin' the dog
04) rag doll
05) love in an elevator
06) cryin'
07) what it takes
08) baby please Don't go
09) joe perry talk
10) stop messin around
11) hangman jury

Disc 2 : 59.48
01) hangman jury
02)seasons of wither
03) dream on
04) devil's got a new disguise
05) one way street
06) livin' on the edge
07) bass solo
08) sweet emotion
09) draw the line
10) encore
11) walk this way
12) band outro 

Recorded at:
the joe louis arena.detroit.illinois.usa
december 01th.2006
audience recording

Monday, October 17, 2011

NINE LIVES IN CONCORD (concord 1997)

Format: 2 CDR,  20tracks, ~ 125min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 229.01/02

Disc1 : 63.50
01.  Nine Lives
02.  Love In An Elevator
03.  Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
04.  Same Old Song And Dance
05.  Bacon Biscuit Blues/Monkey On My Back
06.  Livin' On The Edge
07.  Pink
08.  Rag Doll
09.  Taste Of India
10.  Janie's Got A Gun

Disc 2 : 61.44
01.  Back In The Saddle
02.  Stop Messin' Around
03.  Last Child
04.  Something's Gotta Give
05.  Dream On
06.  Cryin'
07.  Sweet Emotion/Dazed & Confused
08.  Mama Kin
09.  What It Takes
10.  Mother Popcorn/Intro/Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA
October 20, 1997

good recording.
First rest of the tour for "Hole In My Soul" in this reduced set (as even encores are reduced to two numbers)
Appeared in the press, October, 1998
Man Files Lawsuit Against AerosmithCONCORD, Calif. (AP) -- Mark Nieto says he's heard more than enough of Aerosmith.
Nieto has sued the rock group, saying its concert a year ago cost him his hearing. He alleges he suffered permanent hearing loss after the show at Concord Pavilion, a city-owned amphitheater named as a co-defendant in the lawsuit filed Monday.
Nieto contends he has continuous ringing in his ears. He says he was ``not aware of warnings for ear damage'' when he attended the band's ``Nine Lives'' concert in October 1997.
``We'll look into it, but this is a new one,'' said City Attorney Richard Doyle. ``This is a first.''
The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for medical expenses and wage losses.
Aerosmith has attracted legions of fans since 1970 with such hits as ``Dream On'' and ``Dude (Looks Like A Lady).''

BACK IN THE SADDLE (athens 2010)

Format: 2 CDR,  21tracks, ~ 123min
Label: lost and found / laf 9471.972

Disc1 : 68.15
01 Intro
02 Love In An Elevator
03 Back In The Saddle
04 Fallin' In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
05 Eat The Rich
06 Pink
07 Livin' On The Edge
08 What It Takes
09 Rag Doll
10 Crazy
11 Cryin'
12 drum solo
Disc 2 : 54.54
01 lord of the thighs
02 Stop Messin' Around
03 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
04 Sweet Emotion
05 Baby, Please Don't Go
06 Draw The Line
07 Dream On
08 Walk This Way
09 Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
the Karaiskaki Stadium,
Athens, greece, june 20th.2010

Good audience recording
The show exceeded my already high expectations and was a really pleasant surprise. The
band was on top form, the setlist was well balanced between their earlier and later stuff
and the attendance was bigger than I personally expected. Thanks for this great show,
bad boys from Boston!
This was the first time I saw them. In 2007 I had booked tickets for the Heineken Jammin'
Festival in Venice, but 2 out of the 4 days were canceled because of a hurricane. I missed
Aerosmith, The Smashing Pumpkins (who were also to play in Greece on the same summer
but their show here was canceled because during that period there were many fires here),
Pearl Jam (who I have seen many times) and The Killers (whose Greek concert last year was
canceled because of a storm).

Friday, October 7, 2011


Format: 2 CDR,  16 tracks, ~ 84min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 053.01/02

Disc 1 :37.36
01.  Back In The Saddle
02.  Big Ten Inch Record
03.  Mama Kin
04.  Three Mile Smile
05.  Refer Headed Woman
06.  Lord of the Thighs 
07.  No More No More
08.  Lick And A Promise
09.  Sick As a Dog
10.  The Munsters theme (a few notes)

Disc 2 : 47.08
01.  Sweet Emotion
02.  Dream On
03.  Same Old Song And Dance
04.  Walk This Way
05.  Milk Cow Blues
06.  Toys In the Attic

Recorded at:
Pacific Amphitheater
Costa Mesa, CA
August 5, 1983

This show came right after the Ventura adventure, so Tyler tries to be on his best behavior early on and sure enough the first half of the show goes well enough until...when "Sweet Emotion" ends, Tyler announces people should clear out the chairs and get closer to the stage  and the crowd takes his advice, apparently rushing forward. Crespo starts "Dream On," but Tyler stops him and implores the crowd to move back only seconds after he told them to get closer as people are getting crushed down below the stage as the crowd surges forward.
The taper must have been in the pit as you hear some jostling, then the recording shut off. It resumes after "Dream On" has started. The crowd up front seems out of control as they try to get on stage. "I want to get back stage!" someine in the crowd yells. Tyler stops "Milk Cow Blues" to again ask the crowd to move back. "They are going to arrest me for inciting a riot!" he keeps saying. Sounds like Hamilton also asks the crowd to clam, with no luck. Another strange show on this star-crossed tour.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Format: 2 CDR, 18 tracks, ~ 101min
Label: Zone 51 Prod  856.01/02

Disc1 : 64.19
01.  Rats In The Cellar
02.  Mama Kin
03.  Big Ten Inch Record
04.  My Fist,Your Face
05.  Last Child
06.  She's On fire
07.  The Hop
08.  Walkin The Dog
09.  Red House

Disc 2 : 36.45
01.  Lightning Strikes
02.  Sheila
03.  Walk This Way
04.  Let The Music Do The Talking
05.  Sweet Emotion
06.  Drum Solo
07.  Toys In The Attic
08.  Dream On
09.  Train Kept A Rollin

Recorded at:
Broome County Arena,
Binghamton,N.Y. 05/01/86

Good audience recording.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Format: 2 CDR,22 tracks, ~100 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 134.01/02

Disc1 : 50.10
01.  Intro
02.  Heart’s Done Time
03.  Magic Touch
04.  F.I.N.E.
05.  Monkey On My Back
06.  Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
07.  Whitford Solo
08.  Permanent Vacation
09.  Janie’s Got A Gun
10.  Mama Kin
11.  Hangman Jury
12.  Voodoo Medicine Man

Disc 2 : 47.43
01.  Redhouse
02.  Rag Doll
03.  Joe Solo
04.  Draw The Line
05.  Dream On
06.  Love In A Elevator
07.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
08.  Sweet Emotion
09.  Big Ten Inch Record
10.  Walk This Way

Recorded at:
December 22, 1989
Richmond, VA/Richmond Coliseum

Another pretty good audience show
from the PUMP Tour!