Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Format: 3 CDR, 27 tracks, ~ 127 min
Label: SHADE 009

Disc1 : 44:13
1.Opening S.E.
2.Mama kin
3.Write me a letter
4.S.OS. (too bad)
5.Lick & a promise
6.Big ten inch record
7.Sweet emotion
8.Rats in the cellar
9.Dream on
10.Lord of the thighs

Disc 2 : 42:29
1.Last child
2.Walk this way
3.Sick as a dog
4.Same old song & dance
5.Train kept a rollin' (slow)
6.Drum solo
7.Train kept a rollin' (incl. Get the lead out)
8.Toys in the attic

Disc 3 : 41:13
1.walkin' the dog
2.Walk this way
3.Adam's apple
4.Lick & a promise
5.Same old song and dance
6.Train kept a rollin' (slow)
7.Drum solo
8.Train kept a rollin' (fast)
9.Toys in the attic

Recorded at:
Kyuden Kinen Taiikukan,Japan February 04th 1977 (disc 1/2)
Mc Elroy Auditorium, Waterloo,Iowa,US, April 30th 1976 (disc 3)

-The Fukukoa '77 show seems complete,and is an EXC audience recording for that period,very clear audience,well balanced

-The Waterloo '76 show is an excellent soundboard, or an outstanding audience,not complete (first song cuts in) (someone has a complete version of this show?)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

KEEP UP WITH ME (tokyo 2004)

Format: 2 CDR,  23 tracks, ~ 120min
Label: SY-0619

Disc1 :
01 Intro
02 Toys In The Attic
03 Love In An Elevator
04 Road Runner
05 Back In The Saddle
06 The Other Side
07 Cryin'
08 Jaded
09 Never Loved A Girl
10 Rag Doll
11 Back Back Train
12 Stop Messin' Around
13 Last Child

Disc 2 :
01 Milk Cow Blues
02 Dream On
03 Draw The Line
04 Baby, Please Don't Go
05 Mother Popcorn
06 Walk This Way
07 Bass Solo
08 Sweet Emotion
09 Rhapsody In Blue –
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
10 Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
 july 20, 2004

Fourth date of the Japanese "Honkin' On Bobo" Tour (last standard date of the Japanese tour before the rock festival dates). Seventh concert at the Tokyo Dome since they sold it out in 1998 and 24th date in total in the Japanese capital (includes 15 dates at the Budokan).
A couple of changes from the previous show with "Back In The Saddle" and "Never Loved A Girl" replacing "Mama Kin" and "Temperature" respectively.

Attendance: 43,000

MAXIMUS IN JONES BEACH (wantagh 2003.08.04)

Format: 2 CDR,  16 tracks, ~80 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 053.01/02

Disc1 : 40.03
01.  Let The Music Do The Talking
02.  Mama Kin
03.  Love In An Elevator
04.  Rag Doll
05.  Pink
06.  Nobody's Fault
07.  What It Takes
08.  Shame, Shame, Shame

Disc 2 : 40.04
01.  Never Loved A Girl
02.  Baby Please Don't Go
03.  Dream On
04.  Cryin'
05.  Back In The Saddle
06.  1Walk This Way
07.  Sweet Emotion
08.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Recorded at:
Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater,
Wantagh, NY
August 4, 2003

Major restructuring/change of the set for the 2nd tour date although this is first date of two at Jones Beach and various tunes may reappear in the 2nd night's show (given the reduced time format does not give them the opportunity to play as many tunes in a concert).
First rests for "Jaded" and "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" since they were introduced into the set several tours ago (since June 2001 and September 1998 respectively. Note: "IDWTMAT" was omitted from a set at Nagoya Jan 2, 2000 but this was due to keyboard instrument failure).
First tour plays of "Mama Kin", "Pink" and "Dude (Looks Like A Lady) and debut cover performance of  Shame, Shame, Shame); originally sung by R&B musician Smiley Lewis (Overton Lewis)  - a track written by Kenyon Hopkins/R. Fisher  that first appeared on the Baby Doll OST (1956)
Good audience recording

Monday, June 13, 2011



format: 2 CDR,  18 tracks, ~ 101min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 351.01/02

Disc1 : 45.32
01 Intro
02 Love in an Elevator
03 Back in the Saddle
04 Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees)
05 Eat The Rich
06 Livin' on the Edge
07 What It Takes
08 Rag Doll 
09 Cryin' 

Disc 2 : 56.18
01 Mama Kin
02 Stop Messin' Around 
03 I Don't Want To Miss a Thing 
04 Sweet Emotion
05 Baby, Please Don't Go
06 Draw the Line
07 Dream On 
08 Walk This Way
09 Toys in the Attic

Recorded at:
Graspop Metal Meeting 2010
Dessel, Belgium june 25th.2010

Good Audience Recording
Headlining the first night of the the three day Graspop Metal Meeting.