Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Format: CDR,  20 tracks, ~ 93min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 861.01/02

Disc 1
01.  Psycho Opening/Back In the Saddle
02.  Big Ten Inch Record
03.  Three Mile Smile
04.  Reefer Headed Woman
05.  Lord of the Thighs
06.  Bolivian Ragamuffin
07.  Lick and a Promise
08.  Jig Is Up
09.  Jailbait
10.  Mama Kin

Disc 2
01.  Sweet Emotion
02.  Dream On
03.  Rock In Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
04.  Lightning Strikes
05.  Walk This Way
06.  Same Old Song And Dance
07.  Milk Cow Blues
08.  Toys In the Attic
09.  Crowd Train Kept Rollin'

Recorded at:
Civic Center  Hartford, Connecticut
November 18, 1982

Decent quality show as Aero launched its
"Rock In A Hard Place" tour. What a great rock
 album. Still early enough here where they are still playing a lot of tunes from the new album. Crespo is rocking here, listen to him wail on "Three Mile Smile" like Perry could only dream of! (Sorry Joe!) The band blasts through the RIAHP material, and play the oldies as well. That crazy fuck Rick Dufay drives the rhythm guitar throughout. I think Dufay/Tyler were the original toxic twins! All around hot show and the crowd is psyched. This also makes the rounds as New Haven 11-9-82, which is actually Hartford, although a different, lesser quality source.

THE BOX CLUB' 73 (boston 1973.09.14)

Format: CD,10 tracks, ~ 59min
Label: ZONE 51 PROD record 632.01

Set list
01 (cuts in) S.O.S. (Too Bad)
02 Somebody
03 Dream On (First Known Play)
04 Pandora's Box (First Known Play)
05 One Way Street
06 Walkin' The Dog
07 Train Kept A Rollin'
08 Mama Kin
09 Make It
10 Milk Cow Blues
 Drum Solo > Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
September 14, 1973
The Box, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

good audience recording

Friday, September 23, 2011

FUCKING RICH (mountain view 1993)

Format: 2 CDR, 23 tracks, 112 min
Label: Zone 51 prod record 225.01/02

Disc 1: 64.56
01.  Eat The Rich
02.  Toys In The Attic
03.  Love In The Elevator
04.  Back In The Saddle
05.  Fever
06.  Draw The Line
07.  What It Takes
08.  Monkey On My Back
09.  Rag Doll
10.  One Way Street
11.  Last Child

Disc 2: 69.46
01.  Cryin'
02.  Shut Up And Dance
03.  Stop Messin' Around
04.  Walk On Down
05.  The Other Side
06.  Janie's Got A Gun
07.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
08.  Dream On
09.  Walk This Way
10.  Livin' On The Edge
11.  Sweet Emotion/Peter Gunn
12.  Oh Well/Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
6 August, 1993

Good audience recording

LIVE AT THE PHILLY (philadelphia 1990) DVD

Date:  1990-07-24
Location:  Philadelphia
Venue:  The Spectrum
Tour:  Pump

Dvd type: Audience shot
Duration:  1h 45m
Chapters available:  Yes, every 4-5 min
Number of cameras:  One
Number of dvds:  1 (3,48 GB)
Audio quality:(2)
Video quality:(2)
Format: pal

Track list:
1. Train Kept A Rollin'
2. Young Lust
3. F.I.N.E.
4. Monkey On My Back
5. The Other Side
6. Love Me Two Times
7. Janie's Got A Gun
8. Lord Of The Thighs
9. Voodoo Medicine Man
10. Red House
11. What It Takes
12. Back In The Saddle
13. Rag Doll
14. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
15. Sweet Emotion
16. Dream On
17. Love In An Elevator
18. Walk This Way

LIVE IN THE BEACH 2002 (west palm beach 2002)

Format: 2 CDR,  21 tracks, ~ 110min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 224.01/02

Disc1 : 60.05
01.  Toys In The Attic
02.  Back In The Saddle
03.  Same Old Song And Dance
04.  Livin' On The Edge
05.  Sweet Emotion
06.  What It Takes
07.  Rats In The Cellar
08.  Come Together
09.  Dream On
10.  Love In An Elevator
11.  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Disc 2 : 49.41
01.  Movin' Out
02.  Janie's Got A Gun
03.  Jaded
04.  Blues Pink/Pink
05.  Stop Messin' Around
06.  Cryin'
07.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
08.  Draw The Line
09.  Mother Popcorn
10.  Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Mars Music Amphitheatre,West Palm Beach, FL
October 19, 2002
First tour play of "Come Together".
Attendance: 18,531 ( 93.8%: capacity 19,758)
Good audience recording

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLING (monster of rock donnington 1990)

Format: CD, 13 tracks, 66 min 12 sec
Label: Pluto Records PLRCD 9126

1. Young Lust
2. F.I.N.E
3. Monkey On My Back
4. Janie's Got A Gun
5. Rag Doll
6. Voodoo Medicine Man
7. Love In An Elevator
8. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
9. Sweet Emotion
10. Toys In The Attic
11. Dream On
12. Train Kept A Rollin'
13. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donnington,
England, August 18, 1990.

Excellent FM stereo thanks to a Radio 1
broadcast. Details as being a soundboard
recording. Jimmy Page guests with band on
Train and Walk This Way. Short set as
Aerosmith was co-headliners on the day with
Whitesnake being last on.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

LIVE AT THE FORUM' 74 (new york 1974)

Format: CD,10 tracks, ~ 49min
Label: ZONE 51 PROD record 633.01

Set list
1 Write Me A Letter
2 S.O.S. (Too Bad)
3 Lord Of The Thighs
4 Dream On
5 Same Old Song And Dance
6 Woman Of The World
7 Train Kept A Rollin'> Drum Solo
8 Milk Cow Blues

Recorded at:
May 31, 1974
Felt Forum, New York,

good audience recording

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Format: 2 CDR,  17 tracks, ~90 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 223.01/02

Disc1 : 43.21
01.  Back In The Saddle
02.  Mama Kin
03.  I Wanna Know Why
04.  Big Ten Inch Record
05.  Three Mile Smile
06.  Reefer Head Woman
07.  Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
08.  Walk This Way
09.  Dream On
10.  Rats In The Cellar
11.  No Surprize

Disc 2 : 46.48
01.  Remember (Walking In The Sand)
02.  Lord Of The Thighs
03.  Same Old Song And Dance
04.  Milk Cow Blues
05.  Toys In The Attic
06.  Come Together
07.  Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Nassau Coliseum /Uniondale .NY.
January 13, 1980

One the first shows of the new decade for Aero, who woulda thought the decade would end with the slick Pump? Here the band was still a rough rock and roll outfit with Mr. Jimmy Crespo slinging chords on guitar for the departed Joe Perry. I heard someone met their wife at this show...hope it briongs back some memories for them and of the days when Aero cared more about rock and roll than hits.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

THE ORIGINAL GROOVE (yokohama 2004)

Format: 1 CDR,  15tracks, ~ 77min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 508.01

Disc :
01.  Back On The Saddle
02.  Toys In The Attic
03.  Love In An Elevator
04.  Roadrunner
05.  The Other Side
06.  Cryin'
07.  Jaded
08.  Stop Messin' Around
09.  Same Old Song And Dance
10.  Dream On
11.  Draw The Line
12.  Baby Please Don't Go
13.  Mother Popcorn
14.  Walk This Way
15.  Sweet Emotion
16.  Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
The Rock Odyssey 2004 Festival,
Yokohama International Stadium,
Yokohama, Japan July 24th, 2004

First date in Yokohama since the indoor dates
in March 1998. Aerosmith's first rock festival
 performance in Japan.
Other artists include: The Who (their first Japanese performance despite being a group of 40 years), Michelle Branch, Paul Weller
"Back In The Saddle" is the third different tour opener of the tour. The only other time "Back In The Saddle" has opened a Japanese set is the FIFA concert of 2002.
"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" is rested is preference to "Livin' On The Edge" for this rock audience.
First play this tour in Japan of "Same Old Song And Dance".
soundboard recording.