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Format : 1 CDR. 16 tracks ~ 72 mins
Label : Tendolar ‎– TDR-154
Disc :
01. Sweet Emotion
02. Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu  
03. Dream On  
04. Head First 
05. Living On The Edge      
06. Fall Together    
07. Don't Stop 
08. The Other Side 
09. Deuces Are Wild           
10. Love Me Like A Bird Dog         
11. Trust Is Easy    
12. One Time   
13. Joe's Funky      
14. Wayne's World
15. Janie's Got A Gun         
16. Monkey
Recorded  :
Track 1 Remake '91
Track 2 "Less Than Zero" Soundtrack
Track 3 Mtv Music Awards
Track 4 B-Side Of "Eat The Rich"
Track 5 Demo Version
Track 6 B-Side Of "Falling In Love"
Track 7 B-Side Of "Livin On The Edge"
Track 8 Alternate "Club Mix" From US Promo EP
Track 9 "Beavis & Butthead" Soundtrack
Tracks 10-13 Aborted Rick Rubin Lp Sessions '87
Tracks 14-16 Saturday Night Live 2/17/90)
Comments :
Collection of rarities and live performances.



Format : 1 CDR. 16 tracks ~ 59 mins
Label : Lost and Found – LAF2135
Disc :
01. Burnin' Up (Ain't Enough) #1
02. Fake Fight
03. Deuces Are Wild #1
04. Sedona Sunrise
05. Guilty Kilt
06. Sniffin' (Looking Up Your Old Address)
07. Tramp
08. Buried Alive
09. The Other Side
10. Tracker Pull (Young Lust)
11. Burnin' Up (Ain't Enough) #2
12. Deuces Are Wild #2
13. Don't Get Mad Get Even
14. Luv In Elevator
15. What It Takes
16. Burnin' Up (Ain't Enough) #3
Recorded  :
The Original Studio Demos and
Jam Sessions From early 1989.
Comments :
a compilation of demo tapes recorded during their 1989 album 'Pump'. This is not an official release, but
 an actual CDr sold privately even with printed artwork.Some of the tracks present here later evolved into the
album final songs, some are ideas never finished, andsomeunreleased - until now - songs.With skilled
producer Bruce Fairbairn and renowned engineers Mike Fraser / Ken Lomas behind the desk, the the
making of Pump took almost 2 years. The recording label and the band wanted a mainstream hit album,
and there were endless pre-production sessions to polish every detail to the extreme.In the meantime,
 Aerosmith composed several songs mostly born of studio ideas, then developed into full length songs.
We have here the genesis of tunes like 'The Other Side', 'Don't Get Mad Get Even' and the 
megahit,numberonesingle 'Love In An Elevator'.It's fun, every time I hear 'Love In AnElevator' Iremember 
Gene Simmons early '80s sentence "You gotta have a proper chorus for a hit song, as example, a song with 
the word 'Elevator' on it never will be a hit"...However, the inter
esting tracks on "Pump Outtakes" are the rarities.There's 2 version of 'Deuces Are Wild', an unreleased song 
(later included on the compilation Big Ones) but here are different.Also really good is the pre-production of 
'Burnin' Up', which later was finally recorded and re-titled 'Ain't Enough' and used as 'Love In An Elevator' 
single B-side. We find 3 early versions here.'Fake Fight' and 'Guilty Kilt' rocks bluesy, both never officially 
released songs, and there's the cool 'Sedona Sunrise' (co-written with Bryan Adam's partner Jim Vallance); 
later properly recorded to be included on the compilation Devil's Got A New Disguise."Pump" is one of 
Aerosmith's best albums, loved by the band's both type of fans; the older from the '70s and the newer from 
the glossy mainstream sound. It mixes the best of both worlds and that's why its songs are so much revered, 
and these 'extras / demos / unreleased' are so much sought after.There's at least 2 versions of this "Pump 
Outtakes" CDr, quite rare and even unavailable at well known huge bootleg blogs. The sound quality isn't top notch, but without a doubt this is a must have for Aerosmith fans, completists and rarities collectors.


Format : 1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 74 mins
Label : bondage music / bon173
Disc :
01. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) Urban Dude Mix
02. Rag Doll Rockappella
03. Love In An Elevator (Elevator Mix)
04. The Other Side (Club Mix)
05. Love In An Elevator
06. Little Grass Shack (Outtake)
07. Pink (The Chulo Mix)
08. Taste Of India (Miami Madness)
09. The Farm (Advance Mix)
10. Unreleased Instrumental
11. Pink
12. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
13. Walk This Way
14. Come Together
15. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
16. Stop Messin’ Around
17. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
Recorded  :
Track 5: Universal Amphitheater,
Universal City, LA, CA, 6 Sep 1990
Track 8: 1996 Demo, Glen Ballard
recording session in Miami
Track 9: 10 seconds longer than the
album version
Track 10: Short jam for Gap’s CM ad
Track 11-12: Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam,
Netherlands, 6 Nov 1997
Track 13-16: Kennedy Space Center,
Cape Canaveral, FL, 29 Jun 1998
Track 17: 1999/41st Annual Grammy
Awards Shrine Auditorium,
Los Angeles, CA – February 24, 1999
Comments :
A compilation of outtakes and live tracks from official singles or various broadcasts



Format : 1 CDR. 3 tracks ~ 59 mins
Label : Hard Road – HR-RO3015
Disc :
01. Joey Kramer Drum Solo
02. Toys In The Attic
03. The Train Kept A Rollin’ (Instrumental) /
Girl Keeps Coming Apart (Rehearsal, Instrumental)
Recorded  :
Little Mountain Sound Studios
Date: March 1st 1987
Venue: Permanent Vacation Sessions,
Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Comments :
Soundboard recording


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Format : 1 CDR. 19 tracks ~ 73 mins
Label : Afrokeluchie Records AFRO 0997
Disc :
01. When I Needed You     
02. Major Barbra    
03. On The Road Again      
04. Movin' Out 
05. Krawhitham      
06. Downtown Charlie       
07. Let It Slide
08. Riff & Roll   
09. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)      
10. Once Is Enough
11. Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu  
12. Love Me Two Times     
13. Acoustic Song  
14. Ain't Enough     
15. Theme From Wayne's World 
16. Livin' On The Edge (demo version) 
17. Line Up (smokey bar mix)     
18. Head First 
19. Don't Stop 
Recorded  :
1. October 5, 1966 - Steven Tyler with Chain Reaction
2. May 20, 1971 - alternate version of the one onClassics Live!
3. May 8, 1972 - outtake from the 1st album
4. 1972 - alternate version from the 1st album
5. May 2, 1977 - outtake from Draw The Line
6. August 19, 1978
7.March 1979 - outtake from Night In The Ruts
8.September 16, 1981 - outtake from Rock In A HardPlace
9.1987 - alternate version from Permanent Vacation
10 1987 - from the Dude (Looks Like A Lady)12" single
11.1987 - from the Less Than Zero movie soundtrack
12.1988 - from the Air America movie soundtrack
13.1989 - this is the song at the end of Aerosmith –
Pump, after What it takes
14.1989 - from the Japanese release of Aerosmith –Pump
15.1990 - from the The Other Side single
16.1993 - demo version, from the Livin' On The Edge single
17.1993 - smokey bar mix, from the  Shut Up And Dance single
18.1993 - from the Cryin' single
19.1993 - from the - Livin' On The Edge single
Comments :
A pretty cool compilation of more or less rare studio tracks that 
come from singles or other sources, in chronological order. 
The first 8 tracks can be found on Pandora's Box. 
The only live track is the theme from Wayne's World.


Format : 1 CDR. 13 tracks ~ 49 mins
Label : Lost and Found ‎– LAF1847
Disc :
01. Come Together #1
02. Downtown Charlie
03. Come Together #2
04. Come Together #3
05. Come Together #4
06. Come Together #5
07. Jam
08. Kings And Queens 
09. I Wanna Know Why
10. Big Ten Inch Record #1
11. Big Ten Inch Record #2
12. Seasons Of Whither #1
Season Of Whither #2
Recorded at  :
Tracks 1-6
Session at the Wherehouse, Waltham,
Massachusetts, USA on August 20th 1978
Tracks 7-13
Rehearsal at Music Hall, Boston,
Massachusetts, USA on March 27th 1978
Comments :
Aerosmith participated in the moviesoundtrack "ST. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTSCLUB BAND" in 1978 with"COME TOGETHER", but the sound source ofthat recording session was the firstappearance!In their familiar WHEREHOUSE STUDIOSrecording, the second song also featuredthe unreleased song"DOWNTOWN CHARLIE" which will laterbe included in "PANDORA'S BOX".This "DOWNTOWN CHARLIE" is the same take as the one recorded in "PANDORA'S BOX" but the mix is significantly different, and the credits are recorded in "PANDORA'S BOX" in New York the day before, but the exact location and date are Which is correct unknown.In the latter half, the rehearsal sound source at the Boston Music Hall was recorded on March 27 of the same year, but this was performedfor the live performed on the same day on the 28th and 29th the following day.Both are recorded with the perfect sound board sound source comparable to the official, and it is a startling item that recorded the studio session sound source of the 70's which was never before!



Format : 1 CDR. 7 tracks ~ 43 mins
Label : zone51prod 500/01
Disc :
01 Take It Or Leave It (Bolivian Ragamuffin 1)
02 Bitches Brew (alternative take)
03 Gut Bucket Blues (Bolivian Ragamuffin 2)
04 Riff And Roll (alternative versions of 81’)
05 The Jig Is Up
06 JailBait (acoustical)
07 Lightning Strikes (alternative take)
08 Joanie's Butterfly (Instrumental)
09 Cry Me A River (alternative take)
Recorded  :
Rock In A Hard Place Stereo Outtakes 1981-1982
Criteria Studios
Miami, Florida.USA
Comments :
Soundboard recording
A collection of rarities and alternativeversions resulting from the recording
sessions of the album Rock in a HardPlace (1982). We can find devilish
instrumental versions of the songs thatwere included on the album, as Steven
Tyler was in a terrible state due to hisdrug addiction and was rarely seen in
the studio. In other shots you can alreadyhear the song more similar to the one
included on the album and even with thedecent participation of Tyler, but in others
we can hear it with the voice a little spoiled,babbling some lyrics or melodies.
the discovery of these oddities has been veryinteresting, citing for example the braving of"Take It or Leave It #13" (what would be"Bolivian Ragamuffin"), the alternative
instrumental version of "Bitches Brew" and"Gut Bucket Blues".
Out-takes from recording of 'Rock In A Hard Place' in Miami, The absence of Tyler during the some of the period is reflected by the number of tracks which are instrumental versions. A few have Tyler ad-libbing vocals.Gut Bucket Blues (instrumental) and Take It Or Leave It #13 eventually became Bolivian Ragamuffin.The alternate version of Bitches Brew is an instrumental.A version of Riff and Roll turned up on Pandora's Box but recorded at The Power Station, NYC in Sept. 81, a year earlier.
The version of Joanie's Butterfly is an instrumental which is how Crespo intended it`to be until Tyler added lyrics from a dream he had. Jailbait, Cry Me A River and Lightning Strikes are also primitive versions of the final songs. 




Format : 1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 75 mins
Label : Haight Street Records ‎– HS010
Disc :
01. Love Me Like A Bird Dog
02. Take It Easy
03. One Time
04. Joe’s Funky
05. Love Me Like A Bird Dog
06. Once Is Enough
07. Girl Keeps Coming Apart
08. Hollywood
09. Danger Street
10. Sleeping Sickness
11. St. John
12. Joe’s Funky
13. Got to Find Away
14. Simoriah
15. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
16. Permanent Vacation
17. Hangman Jury
Recorded  :
Tracks 1 thru 5 : Rick Rubin Sessions,
NYC, February 1987
Tracks 6 thru 17 : Little Mountain Studios,
Vancouver, Canada Spring 1987
Comments :
Excellent demos and outtakes from the "Permanent Vacation" era. The date
detailed in the second setlist (spring 1986)is questioned, as Aerosmith was touring
 "Done With Mirrors" from January toAugust 1986, and especially since the
release of DWM was not made untilNovember of '85. These tracks are
definitely after the first session in February 1987 and the period issupposed to be that of spring 1987, as "Permanent Vacation" was released in the summer of 1987. Apparently there were six tracks in the "Rick Rubin" demos that also included Hollywood. "Hangman Jury" is not on the cd. The cd features "Rick Rubin" as "Rick Robin". "Love Me Like A Bird Dog" seems to be the precursor to "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)".