Thursday, February 24, 2011

MAGIC OTTAWA (ottawa 1990)

Format: 2 CDR,  24 tracks, ~ 109min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 810.01/02

Disc1 : 58.05
01.       Intro
02.       Heart’s Done Time
03.       Same old Song & Dance
04.       Magic Touch
05.       Monkey On My Back
06.       Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
07.       Permanent Vacation
08.       Janie’s Got A Gun
09.       Mama Kin
10.       Angel
11.       Hangman Jury
12.       Voodoo Medicine Man

Disc 2 : 51.19
01.       Red House
02.       Rag Doll
03.       Draw The Line
04.       Dream On
05.       Love In A Elevator
06.       Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
07.       Sweet Emotion
08.       Solo – Joe
09.       Cheering
10.       Train Kept A Rollin’
11.       Solo – Joey
12.       Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Ottawa, ON Civic Centre  1/03/1990

This is a fantastic sounding show from Steve, Joe & the boys on their Pump tour.  We were at the back of the stadium, dead center, but being that the Civic Centre is a small place, we had great sight lines and great sound

Monday, February 21, 2011

L.A CONNECTION (los angeles 1993)

Format: 2CD, 23 tracks, 136 min 20 sec
(Disc 1: 67:18, Disc 2: 57:48)
Label: Plasticland, PLS 79923/2, 1993

Disc 1:
1. Eat The Rich
2. Toys In The Attic
3. Love In An Elevator
4. Back In The Saddle
5. Fever
6. Draw The Line
7. What It Takes
8. Monkey On My Back
9. Rag Doll
10. Hangman Jury
11. All Your Lovin'
12. Last Child

Disc 2:
1. Cryin'
2. Shut Up And Dance
3. Walk On Down
4. The Other Side
5. Janie's Got A Gun
6. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
7. Dream On
8. Walk This Way
9. Livin' On The Edge
10. Sweet Emotion
11. Train Kept A Rollin'
12. Livin' On The Edge

Recorded at:
Lists it was recorded in LA Forum in July 1993 but correct info is Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA on August 4, 1993. Track 12 (last) on Disc 2 is taken from the Music Awards, Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA on September 2, 1993.

Very Good to Excellent Audience Recording (LA Show). Ry Cooder jams with band on All Your Lovin' (the Otis Rush song) and Hangman Jury

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MOVE OVER HONEY (nagoya 2004)

Format: 2 CDR,  22tracks, ~ 118min
Label: SYLPH 0618

Disc1 : 53.12
Toys In The Attic
Love In An Elevator
Mama Kin
The Other Side
Rag Doll
Back Back Train
Stop Messin' Round

Disc 2 : 65.12
Last Child
Milk Cow Blues
Dream On
Draw The Line
Baby Please Don't Go
Mother Popcorn
Walk This Way
Oh Well/ Uncle Salty
Sweet Emotion
Rhapsody In Blue/I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
I Ain't Got You/Train Kept A Rollin'/Peter Gunn  

Recorded at:
Nagoya Dome,Nagoya, Japan July 17, 2004

Third date of the Japanese "Honkin' On Bobo" Tour and first date after Tyler's knee injury when he fell off the cat walk at Osaka and resulted in the cancellation of Hiroshima.
First play this tour of "Honkin' On Bobo" track "Temperature" which was played once on the "Rocksimas Maximus" Tour in 2003 (August 2, 2003).  Eighth track to be played from the album this tour.
First play of the "Uncle Salty" (partial) since it was played on the at the FIFA concert in Tokyo (June 27, 2002)
First play this tour in Japan (with last time played in Japan in brackets) of "Last Child" ( "Roar of the Dragon" tour 2000") "Milk Cow Blues ("Get A Grip tour 1994) and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (FIFA concert 2002). Only 2nd appearance all tour of "Milk Cow Blues" (May 12, 2004)
"Train Kept A Rollin'" returns to it's roll of being used as a song where medley segments are included (like on the "Rocks" tour and earlier). First play in any form in Japan of "I Ain't Got You" which was last played on the "Girls of Summer" tour (Nov 2002).
Good audience recording

Friday, February 18, 2011

LIVE BOOTLEG 2 (long island 74)

Format: CD, 10 tracks, 52 min 59 sec
Label: Ironic Records IRONIC 005, (1990) CD

1. Write Me
2. S.O.S. (Too Bad)
3. Lord Of The Thighs
4. Dream On
5. Same Old Song And Dance
6. Woman Of The World
7. Train Kept A Rollin'
8. Walkin' The Dog
9. Walk This Way
10.Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Details date as July 27th, 1974 but is
 My Father's Place, Long Island, New York,
July 2, 1974 with apparently the exception of
 Walk This Way which was recorded at Agora
Ballroom, Chicago, March 23 1978.
CD bonus track 10 : Walk This Way was taken
 from New York August, 29 1975 KBFH tape

Excellent FM mono to this Get Your Wings tour
concert. 1974 concert is also found on
"My Fathers Place" (Mongoose CD003),
but this CD's sound quality is superior to
My Fathers Place. SOS intro is long, wild and
cool. 2 versions of Walk This Way are excellent

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Format: CDR,  1 tracks, ~73 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 123.01

1.  Mama Kin
2.  Same Old Song And Dance
3.  Big Ten Inch Record
4.  Chip Away The Stone
5.  One Way Street
6.  I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing
7.  Rattlesnake Shake
8.  Walk This Way
9.  Sweet Emotion
10.  Jaded
11.  Train Kept A Rollin'
12.  Come Together
13.  Toys In the Attic
14.  Jaded
(from Millionar Gesucht, Munich,
Germany 3-25-01)

Recorded at:
Babylon Club, Munich
Germany, 24 Mar 2001

Rare audience recording of a club performance
in Germany, just before the band hit the road
for the Just Push Play tour.
Small club gig in heart of Munich
(aprox 750 capacity) during German promotion
tour for "Just Push Play". They had on stage
with them, 5 robot women (dressed like the
album cover - 2 on risers at each end of the
stage, 2 at sitting down on the front of the
drum riser and 1 behind the drums)
who maintained positions on the stage
until the completion of "Train" and then
walked off with the band.
Original setlist detailed "Walkin' The Dog" after
 "Chip Away The Stone" and did not include
"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", "Rattlesnake Shake",
 "Come Together" or "Toys In The Attic". Came on
 stage at 9pm with the  concert finishing at 10.20pm.
In the case of the detailed encores, the band looked
 to be leaving the stage when Tyler called them back
to carry on. After the band had left the stage after
 "Train", the road crew started to pack the equipment away.
After 10 minutes, they quickly put everything back and
the band played two further numbers.
Reported they did a soundcheck earlier in the afternoon
 of "Jaded", "Chip Away The Stone" and "Train Kept A Rollin'"
Apparently this show was planed to happen in London but
 logistically easier in the timeframe to stage in Munich.
Tickets were selling on the black market in Germany for 120 DM - face value 23DM.

LIVE AT THE POND 97 (Anaheim 1997)

Format: 2 CDR, 23 tracks, ~ 115min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 801.01/02

Disc1 :
1 World Tour Intro
02 Nine Lives
03 Love in an Elevator
04 Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)
05 Same Old Song & Dance
06 Hole in my Soul
07 Draw The Line
08 Livin' on the Edge
09 Pink
10 Rag Doll
11 Taste of India
12 Janie's Got a Gun

Disc 2 :
13 The Other Side (incomplete)
14 Stop Messin' Around
15 Last Child
01 The Farm
02 Dream On
03 Cryin'
04 Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
05 Eat The Rich intro>
06 Walk This Way
07 What It Takes
08 Sweet Emotion

Recorded at:
December 16, 1997
The Pond, Anaheim, California, U.S.A.

Good audience recording

Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE FLORIDA JUKE (tampa bay 1994)

Format: 4 CDR, 48 tracks, ~ 255min
Label: Zone 51 Prod  008.01/02/03/04

Disc1 : 66.00
01.  intro
02.  Eat The Rich
03.  Toys In The Attic
04.  Rag Doll
05.  Fever
06.  slide intro
07.  Draw The Line/F.I.N.E.
08.  Amazing
09.  Back In The Saddle
10.  The Other Side
11.  Cryin'
12.  Boogie Man

Disc 2 : 57.35
01.  Shut Up And Dance (with drum solo)
02.  Stop Messin' Around
03.  Walk On Down
04.  Mama Kin
05.  Janie's Got A Gun
06.  Love In An Elevator
07.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
08.  Sweet Emotion
09.  Dream On
10.  Livin' On The Edge
11.  Walk This Way

Disc 3 : 61.57
01.  intro
02.  Eat The Rich
03.  Toys In The Attic
04.  Rag Doll
05.  Fever
06.  slide intro-
07.  Draw The Line/Honky Tonk Women
08.  Amazing
09.  Big Ten Inch Record
10.  Walkin' The Dog
11.  What It Tales
12.  The Other Side
13.  Cryin'

Disc 4 : 69.30
01.  Boogie Man
02.  Shut Up And Dance
03.  Mannish Boy
04.  Walk On Down
05.  Mama Kin
06.  Janie's Got A Gun
07.  Love In An Elevator
08.  Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
09.  Sweet Emotion
10.  Dream On
11.  Livin' On The Edge (with Hangman Jury intro)
12.  Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Disc 1/2 live at the sun dome . tampa bay.florida .usa. 04/02/1994
Disc 3/2 live at the sun dome. Tampa bay. Florida.usa. 05/02/1994
Good audience recording

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TO BE CONTINUED (maryland heights 2009)

Format: 2 CDR,  17 tracks, ~ 84min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 990.01/02

Disc1 : 41.43
01. Monkey On My Back
02. Cryin'
03. Love In An Elevator
04. Dream On
05. Combination
06. Toys In The Attic
07. Uncle Salty
08. Adam's Apple
09. Walk This Way

Disc 2 : 43.08
01. Big Ten Inch Record
02. Sweet Emotion
03. No More No More
04. Round And Round
05. Livin' On The Edge
06. Draw The Line
07. -crowd noise-
08. Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Verizon wireless amphitheatre.
maryland heights.MO. 08/juillet/2009

Audience recording.