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Format : 2 CDR. 23 tracks ~ 90 min
Label : Zone51prod record 622.01/02

Disc 1 : 43.57
01. Monitor Check  
02. Toccata And Fugue   
03. Introduction     
04. Mama Kin  
05. Write Me    
06. S.O.S.(Too Bad)        
07. Lick And A Promise   
08. Big Ten Inch Record 
09. Sweet Emotion
10. Rats In The Cellar     
11. Dream On  
12. Lord Of The Thighs    

Disc 2 : 46.00
01. Last Child  
02. Walk This Way 
03. Sick As A Dog   
04. Same Old Song And Dance 
05. Train Kept A Rollin'    
06. Drum Solo 
07. Train Kept A Rollin'    
08. Bat Man     
09. Get The Lead Out      
10. Toys In The Attic       
11. Tape Music

   Recorded live :
At the kaikan daiichi hall
Kyoto. Japan.february 06th .1977

Comments :
Road manager Kelly repeats the intro
he gave back in Peoria during the
summer of 1976:   “Say, what are you
fellows doing here, and a queer, no shit." 
It was probably lost on the Kyoto crowd as it us! Perry begins  the “Mama Kin” into in the wrong key, but quickly rights the ship. Tyler switches up the “Write Me A Letter” lyrics, subbing in “entice me” and “excite me” or the “write me” line. Roadie Kelly again seems to pipe up in the middle of “Rats In The Cellar.” Perry hits the wrong notes to start “Dream On” but the band carries on nevertheless. At the end of the songs the guitarists hold long notes as Kramer starts “Lord Of The Thighs.” Whitford has trouble finding the notes to start “Last Child,” a rare foul up for him. “Walk This Way” starts with a fast shuffle by Kramer, who then slows it down to start the song proper. Perry strums some cool notes into  “ Same Old Song And Dance” on this night. Perry also gives a great intro into “ Train Kept A-Rollin'” playing a bit of the “Stars Spangled Banner.” During his solo he gets the band into “Get The Lead Out” then  a brief “Adam's Apple” where Tyler joined him with maracas. The real treat comes when Perry shifts the band to “Moving Out,” which they jam on for a couple of minutes. The loud crowd claps to get the band back on stage for the encore. During the blues jam into “Toys In The Attic” Tyler takes on the role of auctioneer! Fabulous show in Kyoto recorded by Mr. Peach.

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