Saturday, March 10, 2018

BACK AT THE SPECTRUM (philadelphia 1977 )

Format :  1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 84 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 628.01

Disc 1: 34.34
01. back in the saddle
02. sos (too bad)
03. big ten inch record
04. i wanna know why
05. lord of the thighs
06. lick and a promise
07. Get it up
08. walk this way

   Disc2: 49.33
01. sweet emotion
02. dream on
03. walkin’ the dog
04. mama kin
05. draw the line
06. same old song and dance
07. train kept a rollin
08. milk cow blues
09. toys in the attic

   Recorded live :
At the spectrum.
december 19th 1977

   Comments :
Audience recording
Back at the Spectrum about 10
weeks after theprevious gig. Sounds
like someone handed Joe Perry the
wrong guitar heading onto stage
because he is way out of tune! He
tries to tune on the fly, but sounds
like he is given another guitar and
things improve. A weird start to a
show! The band cranks through its
classics at this point, an entertaining
show to these ears. Good quality for
a 1977 gig, straight from the taper.

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