Monday, March 12, 2018

REALLY HAVE A GOOD TIME (philadelphia 1977.10.09)


Format :  1 CDR. 16 tracks ~ 77 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 628.01

01. back in the saddle
02. sos (too bad)
03. big ten inch record
04. i wanna know why
05. lord of the thighs
06. lick and a promise
07. Get it up
08. walk this way
09. sweet emotion
10. dream on
11. walkin’ the dog
12. sick as a dog
13. draw the line
14. same old song and dance
15. train kept a rollin
16. get the lead out

   Recorded live :
At the spectrum.
october 09th 1977

   Comments :
The band out on their
"Draw The Line" tour playing new
tunes before the record was out!
Ah the old days! Band debuts
"Get It Up" here,a whipcracker of a
tune...In fact that whole Draw The
Line album rocks. People slag on it,
but that "first side" is pure rock and
roll genius,just has a flow  and the
rest is good too. If that LP came out
today, people would shit their pants in joy. But I digress...this show is from the taper and solid quality. This is the show where Tyler and Perry got hit with an M-80 as they returned for the encore, so alas, there is no encore. But we also do not hear any fireworks blast as the tape simply shuts off after the Train Kept A Rollin'/Get The Lead Out  jam. The band would return to the same venue just weeks later.  Another Philly double shot like 1983,

Audience Recording

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