Tuesday, March 6, 2018



Format : 2 CDR. 22 tracks ~ 90 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 621.01/02

Disc 1: 37.37
01. Psycho Theme Intro
02. Toys in the Attic
03. S.O.S (Too Bad)
04. Mama Kin
05. I Wanna Know Why
06. Big Ten Inch Record
07. Sight for Sore Eyes
08. lick and a promise
09. come together
10. back in the saddle
11. sweet emotion

Disc 2 : 50.32
01. Lord of the thighs
02. Seasons of wither
03. Get the lead out
04. Chip away at the stone
05. Walk this way
06. Draw the line
07. Same old song and dance
08. Rats in the cellar
09. Encore
10. Milk cow blues
11. Train kept a rollin

   Recorded live :
At the nassau veterans memorial
November 12th 1978

   Comments :
The first evidence of the
“Live! Bootleg” tour comes at Long
Island. Three months removed from its last dates, the band has refreshed its setlist, not satisfied to trot out the same set of songs. This show has a fast pace and the band goes from one song to the next and there are only a few words from Tyler to the crowd during the first five songs. A trio of “oldies” stars the set. “Come Together” has arrived in the setlist. What stands out is Kramer's rolling drum work throughout. “Back In The Saddle” thankfully  reappears, but the former show opener sounds out of place mid-set. Mark Radice's piano work sticks out during “Lord Of The Thighs” but has a way of slowing the song's vibe and cutting into the Whitford/Perry guitar work that makes the track so fascinating live. The band has a special guest for “Chip Away The Stone”:  Richie Supa, who wrote the song with Tyler. He joins on vocals and guitar for a rollicking version, his singing adding to the unique rendition. Perry does a whipsaw opening to “Draw The Line,” pushing wild notes through his guitar. Guitars seem be absent for the first vocal section of “Same Old Song And Dance” with Tyler and rhythm section making due. Perry gets some nice feedback to signal the beginning of “Milk Cow Blues,” which features a short drum interlude by Kramer. “Happy Trails” appears suddenly during  “Train Kept A Rollin'” with Tyler putting on a country twang, a fun moment for sure.

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