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Format: 2 CDR, 17 tracks, ~ 81min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 648.01/02

Disc1 : 34.05
01. back in the saddle
02. big ten inch record
03. mama kin
04. three mile smile
05. reefer head woman
06. lord of the thighs
07. no more no more
08. lick and a promise

Disc 2 : 47.10
01. sweet emotion
02. dream on
03. sick as a dog
04. walk this way
05. milk cow blues
06. drum solo
07. toys in the attic
08. encore
09. train kept a rollin

Recorded live at:
The mid-hudson civic center
February 16th.1984

The pnultimate Crespo/Dufay gig,
the Poughkeepsie crowd seems
particularly electrified this night and
the band responds in kind with a
great performance. Kramer's force
and power are well documented in
the recording, which captures the
 boom of his low end attack.  “I like it,
 I like it!” Tyler says before “Three Mile Smile” noting the crowd's energy. “Lord Of The Thighs” has a little slip as Dufay signals the return to the song's main theme after his solo and Tyler starts to sing on cue, but is forced to stop as Dufay continues on.
  “The one the only, Joey Kramer!” Tyler says, thinking “Lick And A Promise” is due up. Kramer does a little cymbal work as an intro, but it's to “No More Mo More.” After which, Tyler says “as I was saying, the one and only, Mr Joey Kramer!” as the drummer does start up  “Lick And A Promise.”
 Crespo adds some evocative guitar work during the final verses of “Dream On,” which segues nicely into an easy drum beat and “Sick As A Dog.”  “You are all too kind,” Tyler says after the encore break, acknowleding the loud crowd, “and we'll be back.” As the band gets into “Train Kept A Rollin” Tyler's vocals drop out, while the band keeps chugging along. This train stops for no one!  Crespo comports himself very well on the final solo. 

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