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LIVE AT THE CLUB DETROIT (port chester 1980)

Format: 2 CDR, 16 tracks, ~ 89 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 280.01/02
Disc 1 : 37.58
01. tyler soudcheck
02. back in the saddle
03. mama kin
04. i wanna know why
05. big ten inch record
06. dream on
07. three mile smile
08. reefer head woman
Disc 2 : 50.35
01. Rats in the cellar
02. Remember (walking in the sand)
3. Lick and a promise
04. Walk this way
05. Lord of the thighs
06. Same old song and dance
07. Milk cow blues
8. Toys in the attic
Recorded live at:
The club detroit.port chester.ny.usa
April 12th.1980
Audience recording
For a long time this show was known
as Club Detroit, Boston 4/12/80.
But there was no Club Detroit in
Boston, but there was a club called
Detroit in Port Chester. Confusing
matters is that Club was on a street
named Boston. Also Tyler says
"Good evening hometown.
" But at this time Tyler was living in
 New York, not Boston. Lastly a ticket
stub has turned up listing 4/22/80 as the date that I posted in the comments section. If anyone has other info, let us know! Here, the band returns to the clubs for several shows. As Tom Hamilton explained it during a 1980 radio interview, Tyler had burned out from the road by the spring. The band then started to rehearse new material, but didn't want to go on a massive tour. So to keep their chops up, it was into the clubs.
Tyler can be heard singing “Heartbreak Hotel” during the soundcheck before the show as the taper is told to leave a couple of times!
“Good evening home town. Hello mommy and daddy,” Tyler says sluggishly after the opening pair of songs. The recording apparently was made stage right or Whitford's side as Crespo is barely audible for most of the gig. The recording makes for an excellent study of Whitford's playing.  More of subtleties of the songs come out in the small club and tunes seem more plodding on this night.  Someone in the crowd is obsessed with yelling “You are number one!”  at the band all night. During “Lick And A Promise” Tyler's vocals become harder to hear and remain so for the balance of the show.  Kramer's distinctive drum intros to “Lick And A Promise,” “Walk This Way,” and “ Lord Of The Thighs” are played back to back to back here. The unbalanced recording provides a unique version of the latter. Whitford's vibrato is super intense during “Milk Cow Blues.” An interesting show. Tyler is definitely under the influence, but still hits all his cues, but sometimes in a sluggish manner.

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