Sunday, May 16, 2021

BOYS AND THE DUKES ( muskegon 1985)

        Format : 1 CDR. 14 tracks ~ 71 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 422.01
Disc 1 : 40.40
01. press conference
02. intro
03. rats in the cellar
04. Bone to Bone  
05. Big Ten Inch Record
06. Three Mile Smile
07. Reefer Head Woman
08. Lord of the Thighs
09. movin’ out
10. last child
11. back in the saddle
12. lightning strikes
13. same old song and dance
14. milk cow blues
   Recorded live :
At the lc walker arena
Muskegon .MI.USA
January 14th.1985
Comments :
   Audience recording
Aerosmith here on its
"Back In The Saddle" tour. The bandreunited in 1984 and went out on tour
without a record.  The recording openswith a pre-gig press conference that was
recorded at the LC Walker Arena by localradio station WLAV, which is broadcasted
it after the fact in segments in thefollowing weeks. Someone did a nice job
of recording the segments and puttingthem together.
Separately we have an audiencerecording of the gig itself, which starts
off well enough. Before "Three Mile Smile"Tyler quizes a band member (Perry?)
about which album the tune is from, and he gets the wrong answer
the first one."  The sound is decent through halfway through "Lord of the Thighs" kinda loud, rattley and in your face like the band should be recorded. But  then the batteries seem to lose power and the tape begins to speed up and warble. From here out the show is a rough ride as the speed and sound fluctuates, but the tunes are still recognizable.  An interesting artifact of the band, albeit flawed. A little bit of rock and roll history from Michigan!


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