Saturday, May 1, 2021

MICHIGAN PALACE 1974 (detroit 07.01)

Format : 1 CDR. 12 tracks ~ 60 min
Label : not a label
Disc :
01. Make it
02. Lord of the thighs
03. Somebody
04. Write me a letter
05. Same old song and dance
06. Dream on
07. One way street
08. s.o.s. (too bad)
09. train kept a rollin
10. mama kin
11. walkin’ the dog
12. milk cow blues
Recorded live :
At the michigan palace
January 07th.1974
Comments :
Audience recording

one more early Aerosmith.This is another one from Detra pretty darn good audience recordingfor most of the show. In fact, I haveno doubt the master is brilliant.
But we don't have the master here
unfortunately. That's quite obvious
during midway through "One Way
Street" when the tune (cut into 2
tracks here) suddenly gets warbley.
It's the same source, just a different
generation. Not sure how this
occurred, it's how my master is.
"S.O.S" is also a but funky sounding,
but the tape switches yet again and
gets better after that. Maybe someone
else out there has a pristine version
of this show? This is the "best" I've heard.
Overall a great early show!  


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