Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MAXIMUS MANSFIELD ( mansfield 2003.08.27 )

Format: 1 CDR, 16 tracks, ~ 79 min
Label: Zone 51 prod 792.01

01.  Let The Music Do the Talking
02.  Toys In The Attic
03.  Love In An Elevator
04.  Pink
05.  Jaded
06.  What It Takes
07.  I Never Loved A Girl The Way I Love You
08.  Stop Messin' Around
09.  Baby Please Don't Go
10.  Dream On
11.  Adam's Apple
12.  Nobody's Fault
13.  Cryin'
14.  Walk This Way
15.  Sweet Emotion
16.  Mama Kin

Recorded at:
Tweeter Center,Mansfield,
MA August 27, 2003

Second of two sold out nights playing to their
home fans.Return of "Let The Music Do The
Talking" as opener after 9 shows using
"Mama Kin". Rare to see "Mama Kin"
close a show
(i.e. done occasionally during 1973)
Rested for the show were both the
"Get Your Wings" album tunes.
First tour play and very rare performance of 
"Adam's Apple" - the sixth tune to be played
off the "Toys In The Attic". It's almost 20
years since the tune has been knowingly
played in full  -  January 11th, 1985 (Merrilville, IN).
In the last 5 years it was played in part as a medley
into Last Child on January 17, 1998. Tom Hamilton
reported it was soundchecked during the Nine Lives
tour on December 9, 1998 and he also said more
recently that they had played the number during
this tours rehearsals in late July 2003.

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