Monday, March 24, 2014


Format: 2 CDR,  16 tracks, ~81 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 531.01/02

Disc1 : 42:55
01.  Intro :55
02.  Toys In The Attic 4:27
03.  Love In An Elevator  5:35
04.  Same Old Song And Dance 5:42
05.  Livin' On The Edge 5:46
06.  Pink 4:03
07.  Jaded 3:42
08.  Train Kept A Rollin' 6:43
09.  What It Takes 5:57

Disc 2 : 38:25
01.  Stop Messin' Around 6:10
02.  Baby Please Don't Go 4:32
03.  Dream On 5:07
04.  Big Ten Inch Record 4:00
05.  Cryin' 5:10
06.  Walk This Way 5:46
07.  Sweet Emotion 7:37

Recorded at:
Vétérans Mémorial Aréna
Jacksonville, FL USA December 5, 2003

Onto the show itself, after the KISS portion of
this co-headlining gig, it was time for
Aerosmith to take the stage and this was one
of the best of their shows I have seen over the
years as far as enjoyability. We were not far
from the main stage, and we were only a few
seats away from the center catwalk they used,
so we got alot of very close up views of them
jamming on the catwalk. The sound again
was very nice, although there are a few parts
 where the crowd kind of surrounds us
when they come close on the catwalk,
the crowd was still pretty good overall though.
They were playing a couple from their upcoming
"blues" type cd, but they still kept
the crowd going with some of the late and
early years songs, although I did miss them
playing Mama Kin like some of the previous tours.
They did rock the Jacksonville crowd very nicely
though and it was great to see them for my
first show in this new venue!
audience recording

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