Thursday, March 13, 2014


Format: 1 CDR, 15 tracks, ~76 min
Label: Zone 51 prod 115.01

01.  Make It
02.  Love In An Elevator
03.  Toys In The Attic
04.  Monkey On My Back
05.  Pink
06.  Jaded
07.  What It Takes
08.  Stop Messin' Around
09.  Baby Please Don't Go
10.  Dream On
11.  Milk Cow Blues
12.  Cryin'
13.  Walk This Way
14.  Take It Easy
15.  Sweet Emotion

Recorded at:
Verizon Wireless Arena,
Manchester, NH November 24, 2003

Three tunes rotated and first tour plays of
"Make It" and "Milk Cow Blues", which brings
the number of different tunes played on this
tour to 40.
In the past 10 years, "Make It" has only made
three appearances opening club sets at Mama
Kins Music Hall during 1995-1998. After 1973 ,
it made fleeting appearances over tours in
1970s up to 1978 where it is reported in a
setlist from December 1978. "Make It" was
tour opener during late 1973 when they
supported "Mott The Hoople"
(debut album tour) and follows "S.O.S.
(Too Bad)" (1974, "Get Your Wings Tour")
and "Mama Kin" ((1976/1977, "Rocks" Tour)
 in being resurrected as a set opener after a
passage of 25+ years.  To date, "Make It"
(only the third tune to be played off the first album) is the fifth different tour opener.
"Milk Cow Blues" was last played almost 15 months ago at Hartford, CT
Audience recording

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