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THE PACIFIC COAST (costa mesa 1983)

Format : 2 CDR. 20 tracks ~ 84 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 053.01/02
Disc 1 : 41.00
01. intro
02. Back In The Saddle
03. Big Ten Inch Record
04. Mama Kin
05. Three Mile Smile
06. Reefer Head Woman
07. Lord Of The Thighs
08. No More No More
09. lick and a promise
10. sick as a dog
   Disc 2 : 43.52
01. steven tyler talk
02. Sweet Emotion
03. steven tyler talk
04. dream on
05. same old song and dance
06. Walk This Way
07. milk cow blues
08. joey kramer drums solo
09. Toys In The Attic
10. outro
  Recorded live :
  At the pacific coast
  Costa mesa .CA.USA
  August 05th.1983
Comments :
Audience recording
This show came right after the Venturaadventure, so Tyler tries to be on his
best behavior early on and sure enoughthe first half of the show goes well
enough until...when "Sweet Emotion"ends, Tyler announces people shouldclear out the chairs and get closer tothe stage  and the crowd takes his advice, apparently rushing forward. Crespo starts "Dream On," but Tyler stops him and implores the crowd to move back only seconds after he told them to get closer as people are getting crushed down below the stage as the crowd surges forward.
The taper must have been in the pit as you hear some jostling, then the recording shut off. It resumes after "Dream On" has started. The crowd up front seems out of control as they try to get on stage. "I want to get back stage!" someine in the crowd yells. Tyler stops "Milk Cow Blues" to again ask the crowd to move back. "They are going to arrest me for inciting a riot!" he keeps saying. Sounds like Hamilton also asks the crowd to clam, with no luck. Another strange show on this star-crossed tour.


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