Sunday, April 18, 2021

REAL BIG EMOTION (albuquerque 1984)

Format : 2 CDR. 19 tracks ~ 83 min
Label : Zone51prod 387.01/02
Disc 1 : 38.47
01. Back in the Saddle
02. Bone to Bone
03. s.o.s (too bad)  
04. Big Ten Inch Record 
05. Lord of the Thighs
06. three mile smile
07. movin’ out
08. adam’ s apple
09. Last Child
10. walkin’ the dog
   Disc 2 : 44.14
01. let the music do the talking
02. red house
03. seasons of wither
04. dream on
05. Sweet Emotion
06. Walk This Way
07. same old song and dance
08. Toys in the Attic
09. rats in the cellar
Recorded live :
At the tingley coliseum
December 07th 1984
Comments :
Audience recording
After the band took the fall off theyemerge on tour at the end of the year
with an interesting setlist, packed withgoodies from the past.  The band pulls
out  “S.O.S (Too Bad)” for the first timesince 1979.  “Movin' Out” re-appears,
the first tine since 1974.  “Adam's Apple” then gets its first live airing since 1977 and “Walkin' The Dog" for the fris timesince 1980. The band also works up a live version of Perry's “Let The Music Do The Talking” with original lyrics, which would be later re-written for the “Done With Mirrors” album. This version sound a little tepid by comparison, but a nice addition to the changing setlist. The band also conjures up the first “Seasons of Wither” since 1980.  Weird “Star Wars-like” theramin effect during “Sweet Emotion” and end with "Rats in the Cellar." Cool gig!


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