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Format : 3 CDR. 40 tracks ~ 197 min
Label : Lost and Found 2124/2125/2126
Disc 1 : 64.24
01.  Intro
02.  Back in the Saddle
03.  Same Old Song and Dance
04.  Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
05.  Big Ten Inch Record
06.  My Fist Your Face
07.  Last Child
08.  No Surprize
09.  She's on Fire
10.  Red House
11.  Lightning Strikes
12.  Shela
13.  Walk This Way
14.  Let the Music Do the Talking
Disc 2 : 65.55
01.  Sweet Emotion
02.  Kraemer solo
03.  Toys in the Attic
04.  Dream On
05.  Train Kept A-Rollin'
06.  Intro
07.  Back in the Saddle
08.  Same Old Song and Dance
09.  Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
10.  Big Ten Inch Record
11.  My Fist Your Face
12.  Last Child
13.  No Surprize
14.  She's on Fire
Disc 3 :70.03
01.  The Hop
02.  Walkin' the Dog (aud)
03.  Red House  (aud)
04.  Lightning Strikes (aud)
05.  Shela
06.  Walk This Way
07.  Let the Music Do the Talking/Happy Birthday
08.  Sweet Emotion
09.  Kramer solo (edited)
10.  Toys in the Attic
11.  Dream On
12.  Train Kept A-Rollin'
   Recorded live :
At the Centrum
Worcester. Massachsetts
March 11,March 12, 1986
Comments :
First installment of Joe Perry is returned from “DONE WITH MIRRRORS” US tour after the announcement, Massachusetts March 11, the 12th, 1986, appeared in Worcester 2 performances both in the complete recording!
Although the 12th of mania if you know the second day as was the staple item Ketteiban of from this tour from the goodness of the radio broadcast is also the sound quality while incomplete recording, you do not broadcast in this time the day before the 11th and the 12th was a five songs plus a radio broadcast sound source with a good audience we have both days full inclusion.
From the audience part of both days both master copy that has not been around for ever, radio sound source is is recorded from the broadcast disc of WESTWOOD ONE, does not expect any more for a complete version of this two shows as long as it is not even in the outflow of.
In any case it is recommended item that becomes the new Ketteiban inevitable from this tour! !

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