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ROCKS OFFENBACH (zurich 1976)

Format : 1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 70 min
Label : ZodiaC 087
01. intro
02. mama kin
03. write me a letter
04. s.o.s. (too bad)
05. lick and a promise
06. big ten inch record
07. sweet emotion
08. rats in the cellar
09. dream on
10. lord of the thighs
11. last child
12. walk this way
13. sick as a dog
14. same old song and dance
15. train kept a rollin’
16. get the lead out
17. Toys in the attic
  Recorded live :
  At the stadthalle
  Offenbach.west germany
  October 24th 1976
Comments :
Soundboard  recording
The _Offenbach Rocks_ recordingfeatures Aerosmith grinding out rawraunch 'n' roll from the stage duringthe group's initial tour of Europe duringAutumn of 1976. While A'smith were
road dogs from the outset, the group rarely crossed the big pond in the '70s.
Between time booked in the studio,the bad boys from Boston concentrated
on heavy touring everywhere in thestates, as well as Canada. WhenAerosmith finally hit Europe, the groupwas at their zeinth, as the raging _Rocks_ album kicked major ass. In addition, the group's drug use was nearing high gear. Despite Aero's huge run of success state-side, the oversea's media continued to critize the group as nothing more than a Rolling Stones and Yardbirds ripoff.
The _Offenbach Rocks_ set is an audience recording from a performance during Aero's first European tour. The set features sixteen live cuts pulled from Aerosmith's four studio albums to date. The bootleg quality is fair, with a minimal number of sound drops.
Aerosmith kicked into the set with a pair of cuts from the self-titled debut disc, a raging version of the molten "Mama Kin", followed by "Write Me a Letter". Five songs from the raunchy _Rocks_ LP are represented here, as the boys lean in with "Lick and a Promise", "Last Child", the rampant "Rats in the Cellar", "Get the Lead Out" and "Sick as a Dog". Other hot cuts include the rail rockin' "Train Kept a Rollin'", "Same Old Song and Dance", and the frantic "Toys in the Attic".
1976... the golden age of Aerosmith. Aerosmith Rocks


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