Sunday, March 14, 2021

BAD BOYS OF BOSTON ( detroit april.07.74

Format : 1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 79 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 041.01
Disc :
01. intro
02. write me
03. mama kin
04. lord of the thighs
05. women of the world
06. dream on
07. pandora’s box
08. same old song and dance
09. one way street
10. somebody
11. train kept a rollin’ (slow)
12. joey kramer drum solo
13. train kept a rollin’ (fast)
14. encore
15. walking the dog
16. encore
17.  milk cow blues
Recorded live :
At the michigan palace
Comments :
Fm broadcast tape recording
this is the complete show, apparently
from a reel master tapesince there is
no flip cut.I have edited out a couple
of short sections of the encore break
and ending applause to make it all fit
well on one 80 minute CD. no songs or
stage talk is cut. it's not a super crisp
high fi recording but it is stereo, only a
   little of the most barely noticable FM
   static in a couple of spots and it sounds
   pretty good for a 36 year old recording.
   I thought best to post this before the tape becomes too aged to enjoy it. I have
transferred this to CD long ago, but did a new transfer for this posting to spare you any CDlineage at all. (just 1 analog generation) there are some smith shows that are okay and others that kick butt.this is one of the best aerosmith performances I've ever heard. The performance is raw, bad boys of Boston rockin' through a fine GYW era setlist. I don't know how it compares soundwise to other versions since none of them have sound samples included. this one does so if you've heard any others you can compare. it's not "patched",all from the same 1st gen. tape recording over FM radio. some other sources of this show come from bootleg CD's
and partial FM recordings.two encores at a smith show this early on was not common, only if it was a good show.


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