Sunday, October 7, 2018

TEXXAS JAM 1987 (dallas)

Format : 1 CDR. 17 tracks ~ 70 min
Label : lost and found – laf 1571

Disc 1 
01. Intro
02. Let The Music Do The Talking
03. Same Old Song And Dance
04. Big Ten Inch Record
05. Magic Touch
06. Mama Kin
07. Last Child
08. Lightning Strikes
09. Movin' Out
10. Walkin' The Dog
11. Rats In The Cellar
12. Walk This Way
13. Toys In The Attic
14. Rag Doll
15. Dream On
16. Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded live :
   At the Cotton Bowl, Dallas,
   Texas, USA On June 20Th, 1987

Comments :
Audience recorded
This was an in-between gig and the
transition from "old" Aerosmith to
 "new" with the intoduction of song
doctors into the fold. Good gig here
in intense heat. "It's 400 degrees"
one fan says on tape. Seems "Rag Doll"
 was played despite protest from Tyler,
 sounds a bit rawer than the final Lp
version and the band had yet to devise
 an ending! I had a poor sounding
source of this, then later acquired a
 better source. You can hear the poorer source for about the first 40 seconds of the show until the better one kicks in.
And some notes from kissaholic2K
who was there after winning a trip
from Boston to the gig...
It was very hot that day around 100 if I recall correctly. Aerosmith was 2nd on the bill behind Boston.They played 2 songs from Permanent Vacation for the first time. It was a very Massachusetts flavored show .

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