Saturday, April 7, 2018

WE ARE BACK IN THE SADDLE ( norfolk 1984 )

Format : 1 CDR. 19 tracks ~ 77 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 167.01

01. intro
02. Back in the Saddle
03. Mama Kin
04. Bone to Bone  
05. Big Ten Inch Record
06. Three Mile Smile
07. Reefer Head Woman
08. Lord of the Thighs
09. no more no more
10. Last Child
11. Lightning Strikes
12. Same Old Song and Dance
13. Dream On
14. Sweet Emotion
15. Walk This Way
16. Milk Cow Blues
17. Drum Solo

Recorded live :
The scope.norfolk.virvinia.usa
July 06th 1984.

Comments :
Audience recording
The entire opening tape runs to its
conclusion before Kramer signals
the beginning of “Back In The
Saddle.” Right away there is some
trouble. “You better quit throwing
shit at us or we're gonna walk!”
Tyler says. “And you're gonna get
your ass kicked by everybody
around you,” as he slyly invites the
crowd to police itself. “You crazy
motherfuckers,” a somewhat stoned Tyler says after “Mama Kin” “Are you glad we are back in the saddle?” Firecrackers are thrown onstage as Kramer pounds his drums to start “Big Ten Inch Record.” The band stops momentarily, but rather than make an issue of it, Tyler blows into his harmonica after Perry re-counts the song in. Tyler announces “Three Mile Smile,” but only gets as far as “Three” before Kramer starts in. A bit too much reverb is used during “Lord Of The Thighs” and Tyler's voice echoes over itself in one spot. “A song that depicts our band and where it comes from,” Tyler says as he announces “No More No More.” “Mr. Brad Whitford, we wrote a song awhile back...” Tyler says as Whitford plays the opening notes and then Tyler sings “I'm leaving tonight... ” Tyler noted all the male funs up front then says, “Let me tell you something I need a woman up here to dance with,” Tyler says before “Lightning Strikes,” but given the singer's condition the band launches into the song not waiting to hear what he might say next. “I'll dedicate this song to my daddy,” Tyler says before “Dream On.” Kramer adds some additional percussion over Tyler's “Oh Well” recital during the “Sweet Emotion” intro as Whitford and Perry drive the song with their guitars. The last couple of songs apparently not recorded at the gig.

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