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   Format : 2 CDR. 20 tracks ~ 93 min

Label : Zone 51 prod 609.01/02

Disc 1 : 40.06
01. Back in the Saddle
02. Mama Kin
03. Bone to Bone  
04. Big Ten Inch Record
05. Three Mile Smile
06. Reefer Head Woman
07. Lord of the Thighs
08. no more no more
09. get the lead out
10. Last Child

Disc 2 : 52.55
01. red house
02. Lightning Strikes
03. Same Old Song and Dance
04. Dream On
05. Sweet Emotion
06. Walk This Way
07. Milk Cow Blues
08. drum solo
09. Toys in the Attic
10. Train Kept A-Rollin'

Recorded live :
At the orange county fairground
Middletown.ny.usa.july 05th.1984

Comments :
A wet night at the open air venue that eventually causes the taper to
retreat and seek cover. But hey, he kept tape rolling! Perry's fine
fretwork can be heard very clearly on “Back In The Saddle.” “Holy shit
mamma, I'm home!” Tyler says after. “You'll getting wet? Me too,”
Tyler says, as he then blows his harp to start “Big Ten Inch Record.” “We played Harrisburg, a night and a half ago, by Three Mile Island. The first and only political song Aerosmith ever wrote, it's a song called 'Three Mile Smile' and it goes like this..” says Tyler as Kramer starts the tune with two drum strikes.  Tyler changes up the lyrics to the tune. Perry gets some off beat, high notes out of his guitar during “Lord Of The Thighs.” “Mr. Joe Perry...Mr. Brad Whitford. Mr. Tom Hamilton. Mr. Joey Kramer,' Tyler say after in acknowledgment of the workout. Then Perry steps up to the mic: “And my favorite lead singer of all time, Steven Tyler.” “Someone asked for 'Last Child' someone down there, the rabbit lady? Wanna hear it? Remember it Brad?” Tyler says. As the rains continues to fall, Perry says, “I'm sorry about the the weather tonight. There's not much we can do about that. At least we got  guitars and you guys came out. We are going to play a little blues for you  right now and see if we can dry up the sky,” Perry says as he announces “Red House.” “Joe Perry!” Tyler says after. “Like he never left.”   “We're gonna do a song right now – that harmonizier gotta go –  written by a friend of mine, a  real good friend of mine, Richie Supa. Some ya'll might have seen it on MTV. Big scar on my face, right, that wasn't real. Some of you young motherfuckers might of thought that was real shit...” as Tyler announces “Lightning Strikes.” “I'm tired of singing, it's your turn to sing  tonigh,” Tyler announces as “Same Old Song And Dance” gets underway. “This is dedicated to my daddy,” Tyler says poignently as he introduces “Dream On.”   Tyler sings “drugs in the attic” during the pnultimate “Toys In The Attic.” During “Walk This Way” the rain begins to pour and the taper is forced to leave his prime spot and the sound grows more distant. Nonetheless,  the show is lively and Tyler is in the great form. A fireworks shows ends the proceedings

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