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Format : 1 CDR. 7 tracks ~ 43 mins
Label : zone51prod 500/01
Disc :
01 Take It Or Leave It (Bolivian Ragamuffin 1)
02 Bitches Brew (alternative take)
03 Gut Bucket Blues (Bolivian Ragamuffin 2)
04 Riff And Roll (alternative versions of 81’)
05 The Jig Is Up
06 JailBait (acoustical)
07 Lightning Strikes (alternative take)
08 Joanie's Butterfly (Instrumental)
09 Cry Me A River (alternative take)
Recorded  :
Rock In A Hard Place Stereo Outtakes 1981-1982
Criteria Studios
Miami, Florida.USA
Comments :
Soundboard recording
A collection of rarities and alternativeversions resulting from the recording
sessions of the album Rock in a HardPlace (1982). We can find devilish
instrumental versions of the songs thatwere included on the album, as Steven
Tyler was in a terrible state due to hisdrug addiction and was rarely seen in
the studio. In other shots you can alreadyhear the song more similar to the one
included on the album and even with thedecent participation of Tyler, but in others
we can hear it with the voice a little spoiled,babbling some lyrics or melodies.
the discovery of these oddities has been veryinteresting, citing for example the braving of"Take It or Leave It #13" (what would be"Bolivian Ragamuffin"), the alternative
instrumental version of "Bitches Brew" and"Gut Bucket Blues".
Out-takes from recording of 'Rock In A Hard Place' in Miami, The absence of Tyler during the some of the period is reflected by the number of tracks which are instrumental versions. A few have Tyler ad-libbing vocals.Gut Bucket Blues (instrumental) and Take It Or Leave It #13 eventually became Bolivian Ragamuffin.The alternate version of Bitches Brew is an instrumental.A version of Riff and Roll turned up on Pandora's Box but recorded at The Power Station, NYC in Sept. 81, a year earlier.
The version of Joanie's Butterfly is an instrumental which is how Crespo intended it`to be until Tyler added lyrics from a dream he had. Jailbait, Cry Me A River and Lightning Strikes are also primitive versions of the final songs. 


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