Monday, December 21, 2020

STAND IN THE FRONT ( wichita 2002 )

Format : 2 CDR. 24 tracks ~ 106 min
Label : zone51prod records 438.01/02
Disc 1 : 55.41
01. intro
02. nine lives
03. love in an elevator
04. sweet emotion
05. livin’ on the edge
06. what it takes
07. let the music to the talking
08. big ten inch record
09. fallin’ in love
10. i don’t want to miss a thing
11. back in the saddle
12. jaded
Disc 2 : 49.24
01. blues pink
02. pink
03. stop messin around
04. rag doll
05. dream on
06. cryin’
07. train kept a rollin’
08. encore
09. draw the line
10. mother popcorn
11. walk this way
12. band presentation
  Recorded live :
At the kankas coliseum
Wichita .ks.usa
December 06th.2002
   Comments :
Audience recording
First play of "Nine Lives" since the
 Berlin, July 6, 1999 and first time its
been used as opener since Dayton,
 OH, December 1, 1998.  It's rare since the Geffen days onwards that non-singles from albums have been resurrected for later tours. especially in the USA ( some have appeared in countries when the band hadn't played before or a long time, like South America 94, Europe 89).  The notable ones have been "Monkey On My Back", "F.I.N.E.". Usually it's just the successful singles that are played again on following tours as this set is 80% singles and the exceptions are some cover tunes ("Mother Popcorn", "Stop Messin' Around", "Big Ten Inch Record") and "Nine Lives".
"Nine Lives" is the seventh number used to open the tour. The stage set list detailed "Toys In The Attic" was to be played so "Nine Lives" was a last minute change.
Most tunes played from the "Nine Lives" album - 3, since the album tour (1997-1999)


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