Monday, June 15, 2020

HEY! CAN YOU PLAY? ( clarkston 1983)

      Format: 2 CDR, 16 tracks, ~ 74 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 626.01

01. intro
02. back in the saddle
03. bigh ten inch record
04. mama kin
05. three mile smile
06. reefer head woman
07. lord of the thighs
08. lick and promise
09. sweet emotion
10. dream on
11. lightning strikes
12. walk this way
13. milk cow blues
14. joey kramer drums solo
15. toys in the attic
16. train kept a rollin
 Recorded live at:
The pine knob music theater
Clarkston.mi.usa.may 30th.1983

Audience recording
Some have the band playing the US Festival around this time, notthe case.
“Hey, can you play harmonica?” Tyler says to someone in the crowd involved
in a fight. “Then cut the shit” as he admirably tries to keep the peace
during “Big Ten Inch Record.” “It was cold when we got out here.
Did we warm you up a bit?” Tyler asks before “Three Mile Smile.” “Take a walk, on old Pine Knob Hill,” he sings during the tune. “One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!” Tyler yells as Crespo fires off a lead. Dufay's guitar intro to “Lord Of The Thighs”  is loud and choppy, played in a staccato style. He plays some wild lead in the song too, always ready to get he band energized. “Mr. Rick Dufay... Mr. Rick Dufay...” Tyler says mid song in appreciation.  Crespo matches that energy and Tyler gives him a nod after the tune is over. Kramer bangs the hell out of his drums as he builds a furious intro into “Lick And A Promise.” A marvel of rhythm! “Beethoven, I am not!” Tyler jokes as he hits some sour notes on the piano before starting “Dream On,” which features some nice guitar work overlayed by Crespo. There is no keyboard intro into “Lighting Strikes,” rather it's guitar driven. The tune has some rough backing vocals from unknown persons, maybe roadies!   Dufay again fires away on “Milk Cow Blues.” Tyler tries to calm the crowd as people are being crushed up front. “Hold on! Hold it please, will you? Move back, please. Someone is going to get hurt. Let's have a good time, OK? Don't push!” While he may have been on substances, he has the presence of mind to help protect the crowd. The jam-band style song resumes to its normal pace and no one is injured. “You people are fucking beautiful,” Tyler says after the encore break. “I want you to drive careful on the way home please, because we are  coming back and I want you to be here” as Kramer starts “Train Kept A Rollin'.”  Dufay and Crespo try to outdo each other on  to end the show, each throwing their best at each other.

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