Monday, June 15, 2020

CAN'T LET GO (hartford 1982)

Format: 2 CDR, 21 tracks, ~ 94 min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 861.01/02

Disc : 46.26
01. intro
02. back in the saddle
03. big ten inch record
04. three mile smile
05. reefer head woman
06. lord of the thighs
07. bolivian ragamuffin
08. lick and a promise
09. jig is up
10. jailbait
11. mama kin

Disc : 47.16
01. sweet emotion
02. dream on
03. rock in a hard place
04. lightning strikes
05. walk this way
06. same old song and dance
07. milk cow blues
08. toys in the attic
09. encore
10. train kept a rollin’

Recorded live at:
The civic center.hartford.ct.usa
November 18th.1982

Audience recording.
Decent quality show as Aero launchedits "Rock In A Hard Place" tour. What
a great rock album. Still early enough here where they are still playing a lot
of tunes from the new album. Crespo is rocking here, listen to him wail on "Three Mile Smile" like Perry could only dream of! (Sorry Joe!) The band blasts through the RIAHP material, and play the oldies as well. That crazy fuck Rick Dufay drives the rhythm guitar throughout. I think Dufay/Tyler were the original toxic twins! All around hot show and the crowd is psyched. This also makes the rounds as New Haven 11-9-82,
which is actually Hartford, although a different, lesser quality source.

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