Saturday, August 27, 2011


Format: 2 CD,  tracks, ~120  min
Label: Heart Breakers HB-930-1

Disc1 : 57:49
1.  Nine lives
2.  Love in an elevator
3.  Falling in love (is hard on the knees)
4.  Eat the rich
5.  Livin' on the edge
6.  Dream on
7.  Taste of India
8.  Janie's got a gun
9.  What kind of love are you on?
10.  Lord of the thighs
11.  Rag doll

Disc 2 : 62:42
1.  Pink
2.  Draw the line
3.  Stop messin' around
4.  Walk this way
5.  I don't want to miss a thing
6.  Cryin'
7.  Dude (looks like a lady)
8.  Mama kin / What it takes
9.  Sweet emotion
10.  Heartbreaker and Sweet emotion reprise  

Recorded at:
Civic Center, Mankato, MN,
7 Nov 1998

Very good audience recording on Nine Lives Tour.
Rare live recording of What kind of love are you on.
This boot is the perfect example of how good an audience
recording can be (quite well balanced, you get used to it quickly...)

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