Sunday, November 28, 2021


Format : 2 CDR. 21 tracks ~ 90 min
Label : Zone 51 prod 602.01/02
Disc 1: 46.52
01. intro
02. same old song and dance
03. back in the saddle
04. Bone to bone
05. Big ten inch record
06. my fist four face
07. no surprise
08. last child
09. she’s on fire
10. the hop
11. walkin’ the dog
   Disc 2: 43.30
01. red house (partial)
02. lightning strikes
03. come together
04. shela
05. walk this way
06. let the music do the talking
07. sweet emotion
08. toys in the attic
09. Dream on
10. Train kept a rollin
   Recorded live :
At the spokane coliseum
January 19th.1986
Comments :
Audience recording
Aero when they still were a dirty band
at the start of their Done With Mirrors
tour in the Great Northwest.
This is a wild and wooly affair, with the
taper recording from near the stage
down in the pit. The loud crowd add
more than it subtracts from the show,
adding a real rock and roll flavor to the proceedings. The band is tight and Tyler is having fun, singing a falsetto ending to "My Fist Your Face," threatening to kick some butt after getting pelted during "She's On Fire," and doing another weird spoken intro into "Lightning Strikes." Tyler said the band hasn't played Spokane in 10 years when they opened for Three Dog Night. Before "Come Together" a girl asks our taper "Can I sit on your shoulders." The taper responds he is recording, and she tells him she can record it for him (while on his shoulders, I presume!) He must have declined as she then asks others. A bit of a crazy but fun recording (with decent sound), although during the 1st 45 minutes the deck seems to stop momentarily at times. Ah to be at a rock show in 1986!!!


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