Saturday, July 4, 2020

THE VALENTINE' S DAY (philadelphia 1983.02.14)

Format: 2 CDR, 18 tracks, ~ 92min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 792.01/02

Disc 1: 25.49
01. tyler on rockline(1982)
02. intro
03. back in the saddle
04. mama kin
05. big ten inch record
06. three mile smile
07. reefer head woman
08. rock in a hard place
09. lord of the thighs

Disc 2 : 55.36
01. lick and a promise
02. sweet emotion
03. dream on
04. lightning strikes
05. walk this way
06. milk cow blues
07. drums solo
08. toys in the attic
09. train kept a rollin

Recorded live at:
The spectrum.
February 14th.1983

Audience recording
Aerosmith had a run of incidents in
Philly in the late 1970s. On 10-9-77
the band had a M-80 explosive
chucked at them as they headed back
 to the stage for an encore. Then on
11-24-78 something threw a bottle
that ended up hitting Tyler in the face.
 The band stayed away from Philly until this show on Valentine's Day 1983. The download starts with Tyler talking about the problems in Philly. Apparently fans put signs up begging the band to come back to teh city. Oddly they would return for a 2nd show two weeks later. Sound is clear here, but a bit distant here, altho oddly the drums are quite prominent.

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