Wednesday, April 8, 2020

WRIGHT THIS WAY (dayton 2004)




Format : 2 CDR. 19 tracks ~ 110 min

 Label : Zone51prod record 251.01/02

Disc 1 : 48.40 in the attic in an elevator
03.back in the saddle
04.the other side
06.road runner
09.stop messin around
10.never loved a girl
Disc 2 : 51.19

 01.livin’ on the edge

03.dream on
04.draw the line please don’t go
06.walk this way
07.sweet emotion
08.i don’t want to miss a thing
09.train kept a rollin’
   Recorded live at :
The erwin.j.nutter.
April 16th.2004
Comments :
   Audience recording
   Return to 19 numbers as
   "Lord of The Thighs" rested with no
   replacement. Stage setlist had
   "Come Together" listed in it's place but
   not played.Extended version of
   "Baby Please Don't" contained a small
   segment of "Hangman Jury"
   Last played at this venue in 
   December 1998. Audience recording.



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