Sunday, January 26, 2020

GO TO GET A GRIP (noblesville 1993)

Format : 2 CDR. 20 tracks ~ 101 min
Label : Zone51prod record 662.01/02

Disc 1 : 48.46 the rich in an elevator
03.back in the saddle
04.get a grip
05.same old song and dance
06.what it takes
07.monkey on my back
08.rag doll
09.last child
10.big ten inch record

Disc 2 : 52.37
01.walk on down
02.walkin’ the dog
03.janie’s got a gun
04.dude (look likes a lady)
05.dream on
06.walk this way in the attic
08.livin’ on the edge
09.sweet emotion
10.train kept a rollin    

Recorded live at :
The deer creek music center
June 23th 1993

Audience recording

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