Tuesday, November 6, 2018

OH !! FUCK THAT (sacramento 1983)

Format: 2 CDR, 21 tracks, ~ 87min
Label: Zone 51 Prod 858.01/02


Disc1 : 40.45
01. radio show
02. intro
03. back in the saddle
04. bigh ten inch record
05. mama kin
06. three mile smile
07. reefer head woman
08. lord of the thighs
09. no more no more
10. lick and promise
11. sick as a dog

Disc2 : 46.26
01. steven talk
02. sweet emotion
03. crow
04. dream on
05. same old song and dance
06. walk this way
07. milk cow blues
08. toys in the attic
09. encore
10. train kept a rollin

Recorded live at:
The cal expo amphitheater
August 02th.1983

Audience recording
The best show of the band's summer
mini-tour, Tyler is at his most
coherent. “What are you guys fighting
 about?” Tyler says after the opening tune, as he tries to stop fans going after each other.  “Come on, come on.” The first verse of “Mama Kin” goes missing, but Tyler is back for the rest. He improvised “keep in touch with uncle Jim, tell him that you can not swim!”  “How come you are so far away?” Tyler says after, noticing the crowd is kept back by barriers. Legendary rock promoter Bill Graham produced the show and was known for top security. But Tyler continues:  “I'd knock that down if I were you. Anyway, we 're gonna do a lot of songs we haven't does in six, seven, eight years.” Tyler calls Crespo over for the background vocals during “Three Mile Smile,” “Come here, Jimmy!” The warm summer night seems to draw people from all over California's sprawling Central Valley. “How many people we got out here tonight?” Tyler says as he looks out of over the ocean of fans. “Thirty thousand? Forty?” “No More No More” ends into a Kramer shuffle that ends up being the start to “Lick And A Promise.” “Kicking Some ass tonight!” Tyler says as the band launches into “Sick As A Dog,” which comes to an end with Tyler saying, “The only acapella band in rock and roll history!” Before “Sweet Emotion” Tyler addresses the crowd: “There ain't nothing like the real thing, is it? And I don't mean us, I mean you! I see faces I ain't seen in years. You fuckers, you come back. Ok, what do you want to hear?” Someone in the crowds asks for “Nobody's Fault”  another “Come Together” and yet another “Seasons of Wither.”  “Joe Perry: fuck him!” yells another. “We'll show you how we write a song, OK? ..Some person comes up with a lick at rehearsal, right? Just this one particular time this white-haired motherfucker over here started playing this little thing. And this big-lipped motherfucker grabbed one of these things and went like this,” as Tyler shakes a maraca. “And all of a sudden it started to work. And I went, shit, that is sweet emotion,” with Tyler then jumping into the “Oh Well” lyric. “California motherfuckers used to throw joints up, what going on? Do I have to be straight for the whole set C'mon, throw me up a joint will you. Something. A vial or something?”  Someone in the crowd observes, “he's snorting something.” Crespo then launches “Dream On.”  During “Same Old Song And Dance” Tyler gets the crowd clapping and says “Let's write a song, all right?”  He then improves some lyrics and Crespo joins in, but he quickly realizes it's not going anywhere. “Oh, fuck that,” he says to laughs.  “We used to have someone who used to play piano, his name was Bobby Mayo. He's still here with us in spirit, but his name Tyler Brit,” Tyler says as he jams out on keyboards, playing some smooth, jazzy chords.  Before the “Train Kept A Rollin;” finale, Tyler humors the crowd: “I just heard some horrible news. They couldn't hear us back there and so we are  going to have to turn up, and we are going to have to start the show from the beginning. Anyway, I just got busted for smoking a joint, so are you going to chip in a buck so I can get out of jail tonight?

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  1. I was at that show. It was crazy a night. I remember it being really hot. DIO opened up, "The Last In Line tour". Aerosmith were awesome even though Tyler was fucked up. There were a lot of fights during the beginning of the show.These two biker dudes just burst through the crowd and started hitting anyone in their way. People were also very drunk and on drugs. What I remember what Tyler said was at the beginning of the show. "Does anyone have a joint?" Someone through him one and he started smoking it. Another thing, when he was talking about the size of the crowd, I remember the venue was probably half full. I think he was pissed that there weren't a lot of fans there. It was still a great show even though he was fucked up.That was my first Aerosmith show and I love "Rock In A Hard Place". A great album. cheers Ty