Sunday, April 5, 2020

ORACLE WORLD CUSTOMER (san francisco 2009)

Format : 1 CDR. 16 tracks ~ 77 min
Label : Zone51prod record 799.01

Disc 1 : the rich
02.falling in love
03.rag doll
04.walkin’ the dog
05.dream on
06.last child
07.same old song and dance
08.stop messin around in an elevator
11.draw the line
12.livin’ on the edge
13.i don’t want to miss a thing
14.walk this way
15.sweet emotion
16.train kept a rollin’

Recorded live :
At the oracle world customer
 October 14th.2009

Comments :
First show for Aerosmith after Tyler's
fall.  Only search was whether or not
one was wearing a wristband. 
Sound was overamplified
unfortunately so there is a slight
degree of brickwalling on the
recording. Not one of the best, but
probably the only one made.
Pretty bad with song lists so
I'll leave it to others. 

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