Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HOT TEMPERATURES ( hartford 2003)

Format:1 CDR, 17 tracks, ~ 76 min
Label: Zone 51 prod 203.01

01.  Let the Music Do The Talking
02.  Walk This Way
03.  Love In An Elevator
04.  Jaded
05.  Rag Doll
06.  Cryin'
07.  What It Takes
08.  Temperature
09.  I Never Loved A Girl The Way I Love You
10.  Baby Please Don't Go
11.  Dream On
12.  Nobody's Fault
13.  The Other Side
14.  Back In The Saddle
15.  Encore
16.  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
17.  Sweet Emotion

Recorded at: Meadows Music Theater
Hartford, CTAugust 2, 2003

Tour debuts the blues covers Temperature
(Little Walter) and I Never Loved A Man The
 Way I Love You (Aretha Franklin), although
for the latter they have amended the lyrics to
"I Never Loved A Girl The Way I Love You"
audience reording

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